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Old 11-11-2009, 02:56 AM
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Default how much does a wheel bearing cost

Hey guys sorry for asking so much but i just spent 450 dollars on 2 front cv joints for my 1990 honda civic at a local garage, it runs good now but he told me if i want to keep my civic on the road that i need to replace my right front wheel bearing. Now i'm hurting cuase that 450 was my whole budget, now i'm trying to fix all the problems myself ( includeing the idle problem as you've seen ). How much would a wheel bearing cost? should i just buy one at a parts store and put it in myself? do i need any special tools? Thanks guys! Its an old civic with acouple of dents, i'm starting to regret putting money into this gas gobbler....
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:59 AM
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Well, my local aid he'd charge me $300 a side to do wheel bearings. That includes all the labor of removing the knuckle, removing the old bearing, replacing it with a new one, and putting it back on. I dunno if that included an alignment.

It would likely be cheaper if you pulled the knuckles off yourself and took them to a shop to have the new bearings pressed in.
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That seemed rather expensive for the CV axle job. You may want to shop around. Like Hobo said, you can save labor costs by taking the knuckle off yourself and have a shop just do the pressing of the bearing. The bearing itself costs on the order of $60 if you buy it at a parts store.

Replacing the bearing won't affect the alignment, everything will go back together in the same position it came out.

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i just had my wheel bearing replaced and it was 20$ i pulled my own wheel assembly off and took it to them to have old one pressed out and new one pressed in, then i took it back home and assembled it all back together
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The bearing itself shouldn't cost more than $40. You could save a ton of money by doing it yourself. It is a sealed bearing and will need pressed in. The CV half shafts are about $60 each and shouldn't have taken the garage more than 2 hours to replace them both. They bent you over on the $450. Half shafts are relatively easy to replace and can be done in your garage without special tools.
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i replace cv axles for people for 40$ if they buy the axles and only takes me 30 mins max.
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