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Default RE: Halos

IF you know tho anything aftermarket isnt going to fix perfect....you are going to have to do some modifation to it...I have a set of halos and mine fit really good now that i moved my body kit out some...but good luck
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Default RE: Halos

just got new Sonar Dual Halo Projectors about a month ago. they stick out a tiny bit but not really noticeable.
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So what kind of bulbs do these headlights take? I have a set of these and i do believe the projectors take h1's. what kind of bulb do the high-beams use? Anyways i hope the projectors use h1's, cause thats what im expecting in the mail!
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Default RE: Halos

i haven't had to replase them yet but when i do i will let everybody know. later
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Default RE: Halos

I just installed a set of Halos the other day, I got off ebay, they were about 100 bucks shipped. They run on H1 bulbs, one for dim, one for bright, wired to your old factory harness. They are pretty easy to take out and replace, I am going to put some white silverstars in next week to make them a little different, but the factory bulbs that came along are plenty bright.

One on the right is slightly high for my taste, both of them could come down a few mm to focus them more on the ground, I don't want to be blinding people, but I love them so far.

The halo's are wired seperately, I hit Wal-Mart, bought a little $5.00 led switch, drilled out one of my factory blank switch pannels and ran some wiring into the car to control them, thus I can run parking lights, halos, and headlights all seperately.

Mine are manufactured by a company called Sonar. Pretty decent thus far, but with all this rain we are having we will soon see if they leak.
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Default RE: Halos

After running them a few nights, I notice that the beams are off a little, my driver side is high and left, and the passenger side is very high and to the left, the only way to adjust them on mine is to take the entire unit out again, because a section of the frame blocks the adjusting bolts on your dim (projected) lenses. It's gonna blow, but it will give me a chance to put that mesh on my lower bumper for giggles.

Best suggestion, Aim them prior to putting everythign back on, do it late in the afternoon, leave everything apart till evening where you can aim them up and bolt them in. Make sure your on a flat surface!
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I had halos on my old civic. (But they got smooshed in the wreck). They fit a little odd but not too bad, I had to use that piece of rubber they gave me. (It was a 95). The lights shot straight at the ground and the adjuster wouldn't take them any higher. So I used my blowtorch to heat up where they bolted on and bent the whole light assembly up, that made them perfect. Even after that though when my car went in for inspection I had the guys adjust my lights. I never had a problem with them leaking or anything. I just ran my halos all the time....
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They say they are moisture proof, which they arent, i got condensation in mine.
put the lights in a ziploc bag with a couple of those silica bags you find in like a new pair of shoes...it takes the condensation out...at least i know it works on wrist watches, why not headlights?
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i had halos .. i gues they are called dual halo headlights with the projectors and the right one wasnt as bright as the left one and i hooked up the halos to the parking lights well i didnt know how to adjust them i guess it would help if anyone could tell me .. i have ctr headlights on my civic now .. but it would be helpful if sumone one taught me how to adjust them
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Default RE: Halos

how do you adjust the lights like he was talking about? I've wondered that myself
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