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Vexorg 05-01-2006 07:23 PM

Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
I cant seem to find any good guides on doing this, i want to install my new radio asap. Honda radio pieces dont have the "Din Key" slots, so i think i have to like get behind the dash to unscrew things. Also how do you tell if you need a special harness for the car, the radio i got was a Dual XDM-6820

TeamExodusPres 05-02-2006 07:07 PM

RE: Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
Hey man, how ya doin? At somepoint on those bodystyles they changed how you remove the radio, but its alot of work, I've worked at a car audio shop for almost 4 years now, and that body style civics are like one of the worst cars ive worked on. But on your car (depending on the time it was made) you either take apart the trim piece around the shifter (like a u shaped piece that includes the cigarette lighter and stuff). You pull the side parts of the trim outwards towards your legs, the clips go straight into the center consol, not down. If thats not the style you have, you have to take out the screws at the back sides of the consol, ones down next to the seats, and the two pops at the front (cant remember if theres any in the center consol, but check there too) then the whole consol slides back. Now once u did one of those two steps, obviously disconnect the cigarette lighter, and take that area out. Then theres 2 8 Millimeter (use the socket cause the philips strips real easy) silver screws with philips heads on them too that go up into the backstrap of the whole assembly. Then you can push the whole assembly out, if it has never been taken out, these clips are pains that hold it in, but those two 8 millis are the only screws holdin in, so give it h**l and itll come out. You can actually isomountn most radios in the same factory placement which u then can keep all your factory stuff like pockets and everything else there, or u can buy one from a store, but the isomount looks cleaner.

As for the special harness, i think ur refering to the dredded T-harness. Thats only in like 95 or 96 civics with keyless entry, whichever it is, its not yours, so you will just need a regular harness for it....i think metra number its like 70-1721.

Hope this helps ya....i wish i had pictures cause i know that always makes it better and alot easier to follow, but i have a 93. And as a side note....NEVER EVER BLOW YOUR BACK SPEAKERS!!!! those things are a pain to change...LoL, good luck!! let me know if you have any questions.

Vexorg 05-02-2006 07:32 PM

RE: Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
Im good, just trying to get this done asap, i dont think im going to need a harness after i little research ive done but ill see once i get the radio out. The guide ive been using is this one . Basically it just says "pry" out the dash and then just work from there. Today i took out the cigarette lighter dash thing using this method but it is very slow, and the potential to break or damage the dash is very high.

Yeah i saw the two 8mm screws, do they release the entire dash or just the radio? Also when i looked through the glove compartment hole towards the radio, i see two screws holding the (radio harness or sleeve) or something in place. Will i need to take those two screws out, because they are kind of hard to reach, and im wondering if there are another two on the left side?

TeamExodusPres 05-02-2006 07:40 PM

RE: Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
You HAVE to take out the two 8 millis first, they hold like a whole bracket that holds the entire center bezel to some other chasis mounted bracket. But after you take them out, it will just pry out, try pushing on that braket you took the two 8 millis out first, and as a last resort you can pry, but i have seen some people that havent done it alot put dents into their dash trying to pry it out. Those screws through the glovebox hold the radio to that big bracket around it and the AC and everything. They dont matter until the whole thing is out of the car. Like I said, take out the two 8 millis, then after a lot of pushin and pryin, itll all come out, those clips in there are a real pain if its never been out before....but itll come.

Vexorg 05-06-2006 09:51 AM

RE: Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
Ok i get everything installed and working :)

TeamExodusPres 05-06-2006 09:19 PM

RE: Removing radio from a 2001 honda civic coupe (ex)
Good to hear, hope you enjoy it

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