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88 honda

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Default 88 honda

ok so i have an 88 honda civic.

98 1.6 Vtec-E D16y7 60,000 miles when i got it. (THATS WHAT I WAS TOLD.)

its all wired up like an 88.
so im missing sensors. and the complete air flow sensor.

its runs but idles is tempermental. and bogs out if accelorator is pushed to the floor.

Other wise it goes. vtec hits about 4500 rpm and drives well and strong.

my issue is. i want to to tune it up or fix it. But i dont know where to start. Either get a new ENGINE harness and computer swap. or go with the existiing and just add on after martket wires, with a new computer. i just dont know how to match anything.

any help would be amazing.
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If you have a VtecE then you have a D16y5 or a D15z1 and Vtec would kick in at 3000rpms. The D16y7 is the non Vtec motor found in the 96-00 LX and DX, the y5 is in the 96-00 Hx (my car) and the y8 is in the Ex. Unless you have a y7 y5 mini me but that you not get much more power and limits you a bit. The y5 head is not the most supported with th aftermarket. VtecE is the unwanted stepchild of the Vtec family. You have quite a project on your hands either way you have a big project on your hands. Good luck.
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The appropriate engine wire harnesses and ECU sounds like a good start. Are the sensors missing or just not hooked up?
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aftermarket wires don't do jack, don't waste your $$$

You are pretty much stuck in a rut performance wise. D16Y5's and D15Z1's (the VTEC-E motor you likely have... see intenseneal's post above mine) aren't made for performance, but performance is attainable. However, it will be hard to get much power without forced induction (turbocharger or supercharger).

I assume this has a manual transmission.

How is VTEC wired up? An RPM activated switch?

here's what you need to do:

1. Figure out the real engine code. It is engraved on a small squarish area the front of the block, directly to the right of where the transmission & clutch housing mate to the engine.
2. Convert to the proper engine harness and computer, and fix all sensors. In short, you need to get the wiring straight.

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