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eircom1 12-01-2007 09:07 AM

honda turbo pistons need info
i recently purchased a 99 civic b16a2 turbo in short it melted rings so i have new pistons but they have 12:1 compression ratio can anyone tell me will these pistons work or am i mad the car has most basics needed 3 bar map sensor front mount intercooler,high flow fuel pump,full race exh manifold back,high performance clutch, dont know if ecu was modified it is standard ecu.i think it was boosting about 9 psi before detonation any info given will be appreciated

ScoobyAddict14 12-01-2007 09:25 AM

RE: honda turbo pistons need info
usually people put in 8.5 or 9:1 pistons in when they boost. people also use stronger rods when they put pistons in. the reason for detonation could have been your tune. did you have it tuned by a person who knows what they are doing? im confused about your emanage system. you said you were running the stock ecu? this is a problem. you need to either run a standalone system i.e. aem ems or a piggyback system i.e. hondata, crome, uberdata

eircom1 12-01-2007 10:32 AM

RE: honda turbo pistons need info
thanks for reply thing is i didnt convert to turbo i bought car like that so i dont know what tuning was done if any at the minuite its all apart and i want to build it properly so it doesnt go bang the ecu looks stock other than a vtech controller an i dont know if it was remapped to be honest i dont knw a lot about turbo set ups and need some will my pistons work with a low boost 3-5 psi

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