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I need advice on this swap option.

Old 06-13-2007, 07:40 PM
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Default I need advice on this swap option.

My best friend is talkin about buyin a motor, tranny, computer and everything else needed to swap a 98 D16 VTEC into his 91 Civic DX hatch. I have no clue what most of what I just put up means so please take it easy on me, I'm learnin. The VTEC motor has 120??? miles some internal work and the normal bolt-ons, BUTthe owner has a heavy foot! He wants everything for $1200. He wont sell the entire car thou, he has plans for a B18B turbo, I think that what he rattled off. My friend tryin to buy isn't the smartest fella and wont try to get intell so I have to help him out. When he does this he's gonna need to get a full exhust cause the one on the car is ghetto rigged from hell. It is cut and weld from 5 different pipes, all different conditions and sizes. His car is a 91 DX Hatchback. He has the Headers and a OBX intake manifold for the VTEC motor already, I told you he has no patience. He said he wants the H22 VTEC JDM motor ultimatly, form the Prelude SH. If anybody has one of those please come foward. Motor, Tranny(5 spd), Computer, and all wiring would be great. Thanks for the help.
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Default RE: I need advice on this swap option.

Or maybe a swap yall think would be better?
Old 06-13-2007, 08:36 PM
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Default RE: I need advice on this swap option.

i would do a b18b swap cheap and very easy to do, if you can pull out a motor you can swap one of those b18b twin cams in extremely easily
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Default RE: I need advice on this swap option.

$1200 for a d16 swap is rediculous! I'm looking to get mine for about $400. Otherwise... B18 has more power + torque and the swap can be had for around $800 if he looks around.
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Default RE: I need advice on this swap option.

Alrighty. The D series motors and crap, right? What exactly does he need? I know Motor, Tranny, Comp, wiring harness. What else? Will the mounts on the B18 bolt DIRECTLY into his Civic? We did a motor swap in my Eclipse and my Camaro, plus I've done a couple more in VW's and other American Muscle. I know a little about do motor swaps. Please, when you reply with good intell remember that i dont know much about Hondas. Thanks yall, this is really helpin.

OH... What B series motor will benifit him the most. He's not drag racing or track racing at all for that matter. He just goes around town and likes to stomp th gas and fly only every once in a while. He mostly drives like an old lady. Hewants something that will give more get-up-and-go. I tried to convince him to wait untill after basic training to make a down payment on a nice car.
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