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Morgan Rainey 06-21-2011 07:03 AM

Newbie wants to buy one!
Hey, guys, just joined your forum. I went to meet some guys I've been talking to for a while. I was going to buy a civic from them but I backed out. He wanted to sell me a 93 civic. I think it was a DX. Fresh repaint, but lots of body dings and dents. Muffler had been recently welded for a re-mount but it had a buzzy resonation. Interior not too fresh, but I don't care about that so much.

I want to know what you guys think. It's the 1.5 liter, meter reads 137k. Manual transmission. I'm not used to Civics, it feels a little weak in the early acceleration, the seller says thats because its a long gear transmission, that's how they feel to people who aren't used to them.

They've changed the timing belt, head gasket, and water pump. It's mechanically sound but the body and interior are not in good condition, I'd say its closer to fair.

Exhaust sounds crappy, buzzy. Not sure that the car accelerates crisply, could be my perception. Is $2600 too much? I've got just under $3000 to spend, am I looking at the right vehicle, the right seller?

WellFedHobo 06-21-2011 07:24 AM

Welcome to the forum. We would have to see some pictures, but I was thinking about $2500 before I even finished reading the post.

A '93 with only 137K? Doesn't sound too bad. It's a 1.5 liter non-vtec, so the early acceleration (and acceleration in general) is going to be weak. It does sound as though they've kept up with the maintenance.

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