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sfazngiants 02-20-2010 09:02 PM

sfazngiants' VSM '99 Civic HX
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Since spring is around the corner and the weather is going to get better, there are quite a few that that i want to do nothing big like an engine. And since cool people on HCF has a project thread, i've decided to make one so i can house my progress with this car.

Lets see if i can remember some of the things about my civic since i got her for 3 years. A little about my civic.Got her as a graduation present from my parents in June of 2006. She has i believe 78,000 miles. She was completely stock. First mod i did to her was got the new headlights. The mod bug started biting so i just did some minor appearance mods. No plans for engine mods because its an auto tranny and a CVT trans. Plan to drive her till i have enough money saved up for another car.

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Mods TimeLine

After I got the car I was at my ricer stage, a little decals, not much, a ricey exhaust and traded my oem taillights with a crack on it for some you guessed it carbon fiber altezza taillights (worst decision i've ever made)

Attachment 14014

In January of 2007, I got some new headlights. They are ebay black housing halogen lights and soon after that got the windows tinted

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In February 2007 found a lip on craigslist its a Tsunami T1 and i believe i got it for $60

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At about 100,000 got the tune up done. Went with some NGK iridium spark plugs, MSD spark plug wires. My neighbor offered to replace my front brakes free of charge. Found some Powerslot Slotted Rotors and got some Reybestos Ceramic brake pads along with it.

Somewhere in between this time, I found a set of OEM 99-00 taillights on ebay and got them for $75 (best decision i've made). Also I've had two exhaust and got fix it tickets, so i didn't want to deal with this crap anymore so i got a stock exhaust and had a muffler shop weld in a nice chrome muffler tip onto the stock exhaust. Looks aftermarket, but sounds and feels like stock. I've also debadged the car as well, took off the "civic" and "HX" badges and left the "H" emblem there. (Do you guys spot the HCF decal?) Right now my car has no decals at all, not even the SF logo.

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In December 2007 got an AEM short ram intake with an AEM dry flow filter for the looks and sounds. LOL. i regret getting blue but it was on sale, i should have went with polished instead. My valve cover is now painted wrinkle black. Pics of that on page 2

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Some where in between, before December 2007 I got a Pilot 6000k HID's to use on my halogen lights. Used that for a while. I keep thinking that i am blinding people so i went with some ebay projector headlights In March 2008 got some new lights. Got myslef some ebay projector headlights with another set of 6000k HIDs and got some oem style yellow lens foglights and also got a type r style grill. (don't mind the decal on the gas tank cover, I girlfriend put it there for fun)

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Attachment 14022

In March 2008 Got my HX wheels painted black with a silver lip

In June 2008 got some blue LED's strips from and added some floor lights. I have it wired to a switch to turn on and off and also hooked up to the door to have it turn on with the door open and off when the door is closed

Attachment 14023

In September 2008, I did addiction2bass's LED gauges and climate controls

Attachment 14024

In December 2008, Got the glovebox LED's done

Attachment 14025

In February 2009 Got her lowered on some Tein S-techs. I got this shot right after i did the install, since they it had sag a little

Attachment 14026

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In March 2009, redid the hx rims to have a polish lip and also removed the wheel weight and had them moved to the inside. Also in March 2009, replaced my windshield washer nozzle with some RSX nozzles, check out my DIY in the DIY section to see what i am talking about

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In June 2009, decided to go with a cleaner look, swapped out the projector headlights and yellow fogs with some ebay black housing halgoen lights and oem style clear fog lights

Attachment 14030

In September 2009 got some $20 ebay amber sidemarkers done, for a DIY check out my sidemarker DIY in the DIY section

Attachment 14031

Attachment 14032

And in December 2009 replaced those sidemarkers and got myself some PasswordJDM OEM Stanley smoke amber sidemarkers. Don't mind the dirty car, haven't wash it in a while and it rained a lot. Best pics i have with the smoked amber sidemarkers

Attachment 14033

Mods List
Check Out the Garage

Future Plans

15" wheels Drag dr-34 Gunmetal w/ polish lip (In Progress)
Type R style rear lip
OEM Mudguards
OEM Si front lip, when i can even find one and can get it at a good price
Paint matching the black trim pieces. (Done)
Gunmetal Headlights (Type R replicas) (Done)
Type R style front lip (Done)
White LED gauge cluster (Done)
4300K HID's (Done)

Most Current Pictures of the Civic

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Scott53092 02-20-2010 09:04 PM

Yay bout time you made a project thread.

I'll be watching O.O

sfazngiants 02-20-2010 09:13 PM

haha cool...

and there you guys see my project thread. Nothing much just some visual stuff. I am currently on the look out for some mudguards anyone got them or find someone selling them let me know.

Also, looking for a rear lip, opinions on what would look good, so far i'm thinking a CTR replica rear lip. any other rear lip i can look into?

Scott53092 02-20-2010 09:25 PM

If you paint match your skirts and front lips I don't really see the rear as necessary. If you kept them black it'd stick out as a missing piece. Rear lips to me aren't too noticeable and are a waste in my opinion, but seeing as they are like $30 on eBay why not?

sfazngiants 02-20-2010 09:41 PM

i actually like the look of a rear lip with a paint matched car. I'm looking at a thread on H-T with all VSM civics, and most of them look really good with a rear lip, color matched of course

trustdestruction 02-21-2010 01:11 AM

Cool thread. I'm glad you went back and showed us previous progress, it refreshes my memory of all the progress you've made on it.

Oh and in the night pics you took recently... man I really love the way you can see the slight reflection of the blue headlight bulbs in the housing while they are off. Mine do that too, I think it adds a nice touch.

The "type r" style rear lip looks good if properly mounted and painted matched. If you are going to get your trim and lips paint matched then I think you should go for it. If not, then my opinion is for no rear lip.

EDIT wow one more post until 10k

sfazngiants 02-21-2010 02:49 AM

yup i tried to think back to as far as i can remember. the months are approximates.I'm glad i had pictures of most of my steps

I agree it adds a nice touch,

and yes if i do get the type r rear lip its going to be paint matched. I'm not quite sure if i want to go with the type r quite yet. I'm probably gonna get this after i get my stuff painted and paint the rear lip after. I haven't ordered it yet


Its official painting is going to be done on the week of March 2nd

Now what do i paint? so far on my list
-door moldings
-type r front lip
-side mirrors
-door handles

should i paint the fog light bezel and the antenna plate as well?

sfazngiants 02-21-2010 02:15 PM


what should i have painted?

also planning to redo my rims. now opinion please, should i keep the black with polish lip hx rims, or paint them bronze, or gunmetal?

here's some sample pics of how gunmetal would look

and bronze

trustdestruction 02-21-2010 03:49 PM

Paint door handles, lips, side skirts, mirrors, and the side trim. I'd leave the antenna thing black, unless they are painted on factory EX civics (those are the ones with painted trim, right?)

For the wheels, gunmetal... but only if you can make them shine up pretty good. I think they would go nicely with the fog light shrouds. I would leave the fogs unpainted.

sfazngiants 02-21-2010 05:12 PM

i think i'm kind of leaning towards sticking with the black and polish rims look. i'm really undecided right now.

and i believe the ex models everything is painted except the side skirts. i think i will leave the antenna base alone and i'm leaning towards not painting the fog light bezel as well

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