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Exhaust FAQ

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Default Exhaust FAQ

Exhaust FAQ

Q. What's the best exhaust for my Civic?

A. There is no definite answer to this question. Everybody has different preferences.

Q: What is the difference between a catback exhaust, an axleback exhaust, and a muffler?
A: A catback exhaust is an exhaust system that includes everything you need from the catalytic conveter and back, including the resonator, piping, and a muffler. An axleback on the other hand, extends from the rear axle of your car to the bumper. An axleback includes the muffler, and a piece of piping that connects to your stock exhaust piping, providing that it'll fit. A muffler is exactly that: a muffler. If you purchase a new muffler, you'll need to cut off the old muffler from the stock piping, and go to a shop so they can weld it on to the old piping and attach new hangers.

Q: What is an exhaust tip?
A: An exhaust tip is a comestic piece that attaches to your muffler tip. Mufflers from factory are typically grey, dull, and dirty; with an exhaust tip however, your muffler will look slightly more "elegant."

Q: How many HP do I gain if I get exhaust tip?
A: Muffler tips don't add any HP to your car because as previously mentioned, they are purely cosmetic.

Q: How much are exhaust tips?

A: The tips from Honda will run your $50-$80 dollars, but for that much, you could get an aftermarket muffler that is shiny to begin with. If you choose not to get a new muffler and you do want a new exhaust tip, go to stores like Walmart, Autozone, Pepboys, etc... they'll have them in stock from $5-$30.

Q: How do I install a exhaust tip?
A: Most exhaust tips are attached to the muffler tip using a screw. All you need to do to install it is slip it on the muffler, grab a phillip screw driver, and tighten the single screw.

Q. What good exhausts are avalible for my Civic?
A. In no particular order (most listed here bolt on directly but some require custom fabrication, depending on model):

1. APEX'i World Sport 2 (WS2) (MSRP: $539.00)
2. GReddy Sports Performance 2 (SP2) (MSRP: $599.00 for DX | $679.00 for LX)
3. GReddy Evolution 2 (EVO2) (MSRP: $629.00)
4. Skunk2 Mega Power (MSRP: $565.25)
5. Magnaflow Catback (MSRP: $530.92 for 01-05 | $596.96 for 06-07)
6. Tanabe Super Medallion Hyper (MSRP: $630.00)
7. Tanabe Super Medallion Racing (MSRP: $630.00)
8. Tanabe Concept G (MSRP: $640.00)
9. RS*R Ex-Mag (MSRP: $559.00)
10. RS*R GT2 (MSRP: $479.00)
11. HKS HiPower (MSRP: $370.00 (axle-back) | $599.99 (catback))
12. Espelir JGT500R (MSRP: $600.00)
13. DC Sports Single Canister System (SCS) (MSRP: $551.25)
14. APEXi GT Spec (MSRP: $749.00)
15. 5Zigen Fireball (MSRP: $650.00)
16. Thermal R&D (MSRP: $564.00)
17. APEX'i N1 (MSRP: $599.00)
18. Megan Racing Drift Spec (MSRP: $379.95)
19. Invidia N1 (MSRP: $599.99)

Universal Mufflers
1. Netami Twin Loop (MSRP: $135.00)
2. Magnaflow (MSRP: $85)

Q: What's better, custom or catback package?

A: This really depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of power your looking for. If you want to spend less, custom is always cheaper. If the piping size of your choice is not available, you have no choice but to go custom. If you can only have enough money for a muffler and cannot wait any longer, go ahead and have the muffler welded on; you can always add the piping later and still have the results of a catback had you bought it in the first place.

Q: How easy is it to install a catback exhaust? Can I do it at home?
A: A catback exhaust that is designed for your car will bolt on very nicely without any modifications whatsoever. The hardest part of installing a catback exhaust is taking the old exhaust off. Many of the bolts that hold the old exhaust together will be rusted, and to get these off, one may need a dremel or an impact wrench. Not everybody has access to these tools, so alternatives include using a great deal of WD-40 and/or PB Blaster to lubricate the bolts, hoping to make the bolts easier to remove with a wrench. Once the old exhaust is off, one just needs to put the new on in. To get under the car (if a person can't already fit under it), the car needs to be raised. If this is the case jack stands are required. Using a scissor jack(s) is much too dangerous.

Q: How much does it cost to get just a muffler welded on to stock piping?
A: Should run you $30-$50 and about 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: Do they use the hangers on my old muffler or do I have to buy new ones?
A: When you bring a muffler to an exhaust shop to weld on, they will provide new hangers for the muffler at no additional charge. It is included in the labor fee.

Q: What's the different between exhaust on DX/LX versus EX?
A: The DX/LX has the catalytic converter built right onto the header whereas the EX doesn't. Because of this, the downpipes are entirely different lengths and an EX exhaust does not bolt onto a DX/LX model without custom fabrication.

Q: How do I convert my DX/LX exhaust to an EX setup?

A: If you want to use aftermarket EX exhaust parts you going to have to get the following:
1)EX aftermarket header
2)EX downpipe/cat assembly (Dezod.com carries a radom tech one)
3)EX catback of your choice
4)Your secondary O2 sensor will need to be lengthed to fit in it's new location.

Q: Should I remove my catalytic converter so I gain more power?
A: Read the sticky: The Truth About Catalytic Converters... What it basically says is that for the money and pollution that comes from replacing/removing the cat, you gain a neglectible amount of power and is not worth it.

Q: How loud is each exhaust?
A: I haven't heard every single exhaust that is listed above, but I have heard many. In the case of all exhaust, if you floor it - that is, mash the gas pedal - the exhaust will be significally louder. In MY opinion, their volumes are as follows (CLICK FOR VIDEO):

DC Sports SCS
Skunk2 Mega Power
Tanabe Super Racing Medallion
5Zigen Fireball

GReddy Evolution 2 (EVO2)
Megan Racing

APEX'i World Sport 2 (WS2)
GReddy Sports Performance 2 (SP2)
RS*R Ex-Mag

Q: What's the legal maximum for how loud an exhaust can be?
A: 95 decibels (in California)

Q: Is my warranty void if I replace my exhaust system?
A: As long as you don't mess with the cat and anything in front of it, you're fine.

Q: What piping diameter should I get?
A: The more HP you have, the larger piping you want. On a stock 7th gen civic, the piping's diameter is
1.75". If you plan on only getting an intake, header, and make other minor performance upgrades, I suggest that you get only a 2" or 2.25" MAX. At Magnaflow.com, a chart is offered regarding which size piping one should get depending on their engine size and HP. The chart is as f

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