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Gauge Cluster Removal (96-00 Civic)

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Arrow Gauge Cluster Removal (96-00 Civic)

Well, since I wasn't allowed to post in the DIY section might as well here and any Admins can move it later, BUT anyways this is for the Civic Gauge Cluster Removal Help.
First and foremost, "I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THIS DIY" all credit is for forum user Bloody Hatch at I was having the hardest time looking for it and i fell upon one after about and hour of searching, so here it is.

Tool Required: 1 normal size screwdriver
Anyways, lets continue. I know to some this is one if not the easiest thing to remove in a car but to someone, they're not so sure. First thing's first, we have the cluster itself.

Now, right away you can see 2 holes underneath the dash bezel right where it arches over. Remove those 2 screws, make sure you have the right size screwdriver otherwise your gonna strip them and be in a new world of headaches.

Now once those are off, there are 2 clips holding the bottom part of the dash bezel which you can't see because they're inside. Just grab the bottom piece and pop them towards you. Once they pop out on both sides, slightly push down the top part of the bezel so it can clear through out of the dash and pull it out.
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The whole cluster is exposed now, as well as the 4 final screws which hold it. Remove those, there should be 6 screws in this whole process. Once they're removed, lay the cluster forward towards so you can see the plugs.
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Push down on the plug's clip then pull just like any other plug in a Honda. You'd be surprise how many idiots just pull it out and instead pull a wire of the plugs and make they're cluster not ready accurately if it's an important wire. There are 2 main plugs which are blue (big ones obviously). These 2 control the whole cluster. There's 1 long one which is for the top socket and 1 short one which is for the left top socket.

Note: Ignore the blue tape on the wires, yours won't have that obviously, that's just something I did when I use to have an Integra cluster in here.
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Now move the cluster towards the right so you can see the rest of the plugs back there. Depending on the model civic you have, you can have 1 extra plug or several more. Either way you need to unplug them. They're all the same type of plug but they're color matched to their sockets so you won't mix them accidentally. The yellow plug is for the SRS light, green is for the cruise control light, and the orange is for the ABS light. In my case, I have a DX model so I only have the yellow plug to remove.
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Now that those are removed, pull the cluster out and your done.
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Here's some FAQ I had come across from other all the sites I post.

Which models have which plugs? This is for 96-00 model civics, not sure about EG/DC's. DX = Yellow Plugs, EX/SI/LX/HX = Yellow + Green Plugs.

I noticed I had the orange plug but it wasn't plugged in and instead taped inside the dash, why? All civics have that plug, but since your car didn't come with ABS, the plug is useless if plugged in. All it's going to do is make your ABS light stay on indicating there is an error with it. So unless you have ABS, don't plug that one in.

What happens if the car is on when doing this? Nothing really, I've done it lots of times when testing clusters. Works the same whether it be on or off.

Are all clusters interchangeable? All 96-00 civic clusters are interchangeable whether your car didn't come with a RPM gauge cluster and your installing a cluster with a RPM gauge, it'll work and read the gauge accurately. Same goes for mixing a manual cluster in a auto car or the other way around. Other clusters which are also interchangeable with 96-00 civics are 97-01 CRV's and 96-00 Acura EL's (Canadian). They all plug and play.

Is this the same with automatic clusters as well? For automatic clusters, you'll have 1 extra plug above all listed in the DIY. It's located in the top right piece of the cluster. It's a squared green plug. You'll notice it once you have the cluster tilted forward towards you. This plug controls the lightning/display for the Auto Gear Display
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Nice find will come in handy to someone in the near future.
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actually i got one some what similar but really modified
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