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Question about a motor

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Default Question about a motor

New to the board here and I had a couple questions.

First, I have a 1991 CRX HF with a D15 that I have taken out. I am looking to do a swap and I know what I want. I have a guy offering me a JDM B16a block with 95 Interga GSR B18C1 head bolted on. He told me it was a OBD1 engine. It also has toms motorsport headers on it. It does not come with a transmission or ECU. Not sure why the GSR head is on the B16a block. Does it increase the horsepower?

What would this motor be worth if it is in good condition?

What transmission and ECU will I need for this motor?

I have tried to research the OBD1 but I am yet to grasp what exactly it means. How do I know which one will work in my CRX. I know there is a conversion kit but I do not know what for. Basically I am lost when it comes to the onboard dagnostics.

Any information is appericated.

Thanks guys!
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Default RE: Question about a motor

i cant help with the information, sorry, but wonderin if you are sellin the d15, i have a 89 crx and i blew the motor, lookin for a new one...
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Default RE: Question about a motor

OBD has do with the ecu and stuff ane you are wanting to drop a motor into a crx it is better to go wtih OBD0 or if you want you can drop a OBD1 motor in but the wiring then gets complicated and you need a conversion kit this is going to sound lame but if you go to autozone they have a book called honda engine swaps IT has all the info you will ever need about engine swaps I have the book and it is my bible its just more confusing to put an OBD1 into a crx I dont have a car but I am starting to look at CRXs and I will probally buy one and I want to drop a B16A so im just giving my .02$ on this (someone correct me if I am wrong)
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Default RE: Question about a motor

Since you have an hf there is a bit of wiring your going to have to do any way because you have to convert to mpfi from dpfi but there are companies that you can send your wiring harness to with the harness from the motor and they will do the converion for you.....http://rywire.com/store/8891-civic-c...2e08b6075947c5....they can do it i think....

personally i wouldnt pay much more than 600-800 for the motor w/o tranny ecu ect

hope that helps some
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Default RE: Question about a motor

IT has all the info you will ever need about engine swaps I have the book and it is my bible
This book does have some good introduction info, but it isn't the end-all be-all for swaps. And personally,that's not the bookI would choose to be my Honda bible.

Usually the GSR head would go ona non-vtec LS B18 for what's called a "Frankenstein" (DOHC mini-me), but it's cool on a B16 block too I suppose. Probably came across a good deal on both and slapped them together. The GSR head offers a higher CR then the B16 head so that's a bump right there. This motor would be worth upwards of $1,000.Since you are cable, you will probably want a 88-91 B16 trannyand an OBD1 GSR ECU.

OBD is "On Board Diagnostics" and is for monitoring the motor's health/emmisions. OBD0-OBD1 swap isn't bad. Check out that link to Rywire.com. They are the bomb.
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Default RE: Question about a motor

no need for a mpfi conversion since the hf is mpfi already. as far as a tranny i would use nothing less than a b16 tranny labeled, y1/j1/s1. your still gonna be required to do some wiring for vtec and aditional sensors the b16 has. the easiest swap would be to pick up a 90-93 integra ls,gs,rs, engine and transmission. itll drop right in with a mount kit and require no additional wiring. these swaps can be had for less than 1g if you look hard enough.
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