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zc in a 91 si q's

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Default zc in a 91 si q's

i have a 91 si. i was thinking of doing a zc swap or just doing a mini me. what would be best. with a zc would the engine bolt up to all my parts like tranny and everything els. also would it smog in cali. what would make more power a dohc zc or the mini me. thanks for the help
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Default RE: zc in a 91 si q's

couldnt say much for smog but id say either the mini me or dohc zc would work great. id say they would both be close in power. but if your intentions are to use forced induction later down the line i would choose the dohc zc for the ability to tune overlap.
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Default RE: zc in a 91 si q's

The mini me swap will be easier to pass in cali cause you maintain the stock long block...you will def get some more power out of the zc but being from cali i can tell you there will be some smog issues not necessarily emissons but on the visual inspection
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Default RE: zc in a 91 si q's

They will both yield the same power, the zc(if dohc) will have a little more torque, I went with the sohc zc and I love it, its a lot peppier up top than my A6 was, and the compression is still quite low, so it will love some boost as soon as my edelbrock kit is installed...

I personally would stay away from the dohc zc for the only reason that internal parts are difficult to source, other than that, everything bolts right up!
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Default RE: zc in a 91 si q's

are you planning on stayin obd0?? If your gonnastay obd0 then stick with the dohc zc and if your gonna do the obd1 conversion then go with a d16z6! I have one in my crx and it pulls great!
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Default RE: zc in a 91 si q's

oh yea and yes the dohc zc bolts right up with d-series tranny and all...most all d-series parts line up..

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