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200whp N/A

Old 09-26-2007, 02:08 PM
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Default 200whp N/A

Ok finally got my car runnig again. Timing was off badly. I went turbo before on my last car now i want to go N/A. I been reading up on here but i dont find a definitive answer to my questions.
So here goes:
1. What do i need lol? I got the basics like I/H/E. That prob gives me like 15hp if that much. Then upgrade cams but i dont know anything else past that.
2. I live in Gainesville Fl can anyone point me to a good shop that can do N/A work for my Si.
3. I can spend about $4k-5k on this car do you think it will cost more? I just want to stop at 170-200whp no more. I have other plans for the rest of my money.

Thanks if anyone can answer any one of these. I will keep on reading on here and googling
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

Buy a B18C5/ITR swap, add a set of cams, tune
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

you could upgrade your valvetrain. (valve springs, rocker arms, valves) i'm guessing you're running your intake on a stock intake manifold? why not upgrade the intake manifold. (skunk2)

forged pistons and high compression rings are prolly the easiest way to gain the horsepower u need which will cost anywhere from 600-1500$ i think.
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

I want to do the samething as this guy but some1 told me its gonna cost alot more than 5k to get 200whp from the car. I gonna Sc mine(Vortex)... Would go turbo but it has too many complex things going on and that kinda turned me away from it. I do like the sound and it gives alot more power than Sc but thats the only thing.
I just want to hit 200whp and i am good.

Good luck on your N/A buddy.
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

I know a few months back, Super Street had a turbo vs. NA article and one of the things they had was the cost of gaining around 100 hp and what parts you'd need... I'll see if I can't find that issue and get you a list

*edit: found it. They did it on an '04 rsx, so don't expect quite the same numbers, but here it goes:
stage III cams (skunk2)
high compression valves (skunk2)
tuner series valve springs (skunk2)
valve retainers (skunk2)
exhaust cam gear (skunk2)
port and polish head
gaskets and seals
11.5:1 pistons
oil pump
rod bearing
06 civic intake mani
custom adapter plate (skunk2, I don't think you'd need one since you don't have a k20 though)
throttle body (skunk2)
custom intake pipe (skunk2)
exhaust (skunk2, 70mm)
k-pro ecu

power gains = 80-100
total cost $6,509.61 (all the skunk2 products in the list were at msrp)

Please don't argue with this list... I took it almost word for word from Super Street's August '07 issue.
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

If you have 4-5K aivailble have your engine rebuilt with performance stuff.. Like high performance pistons, crankshaft, rods, bearings etc.
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

Dont think that will get him to 200whp
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

Does it really cost that much just to get to 200whp? I mean dang... Maybe i need to rethink this...
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Default RE: 200whp N/A

You could get 200whp easily for $2500

Ls/Vtec Build
Balanced and polished crank
RS machines p73 pistons
Ls Rods
ARP rod bolts
ACl bearings
Rebuild b16a2 head with S2S2 Cams
I/H/E Hondata IM gasket
a Good tune
You should hit around 210-220whp 145-160wtq with a good tune
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