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Anyone to help long-time member?

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Default Anyone to help long-time member?

sup everyone i have a 93 civic with b16a2 mid built. cams/shafts/etc. But no after market dizzy or plugs or anything. but anyways to the point.

My car recently on idle it will shudder like its almost out of gas and when throttled sounds like its got a miss-fire but i pulled the plugs and it was somewhat black, so i know the car is running rich, then recently i was getting on the freeway and hit vtec and my friend said he saw some black smoke out the back pipe.

i recently drilled a small pin hole in my exhaust at the lowest point on muffler so water can leak out. But anyways back the the point it sounds like its got a miss-fire on cold idle. and then when i throttle it to like 4 grand it seems like all 4 cylinders are miss-firing.

but when it warms up it clears out, it sounds alot like all the cylinders are getting loaded. i talked to my father-in-law a 31 year ford motor tech mechanic 3 time master. and he says it seems like you need a hotter burn, and the cylinders are all getting loaded on a cold idle.

Anyways i have NGK plugs in the car and i was wondering if anyone knows a plug one step up with alittle hotter burn cause it seems like i'm getting a lot of fuel and after it ignites in the cylinder it seems like I'm getting little bit a fuel residue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMONE HELP ME IN THIS ISSUE. i need to know a better spark plug. p.s i apologize if this hurt anyones eyes i tried to sort out the paragraphs as much as i could

Iv already changed spark plugs and gaped them to a 45 and verifyed the spark plug with haynes manual. and taken the distributor cap off and very lightly sanded the prongs. inspected plug wires. i know my idle air control valve is bad cause motor has a up and down idle. but that still does not explain the sorta like fuel cut off fealing or missfire fealing.

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check & adjusting the ignition timing.

FYI: I believe proper gap is .0043, not .0045
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Did you also clean the contact points on the rotor? Have you measured the resistance of the plug wires?
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yeah i was talking to trust on aim the other day we both agreed on a tune. and converting the ecu to manual.
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