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sway2003 08-09-2006 02:17 PM

Stroker kit
I have a B18A that I will start building soon for turbo that I'm keeping non-vtec. I am about to purchase a stroker kit from a local shop. The kit comes with everything, pistons, rings, rods, crank, etc. I have a choice of JE or SRP pistons and they are 9.0:1 and they quoted me 1300 for the kit which will stroke it out to a 2.0L. This is the best price that I've seen so far for a complete kit and was wondering if thats a good price, and since I'm going turbo what will be a better choice flat or dome shaped pistons?

pWnEdU 08-09-2006 04:45 PM

RE: Stroker kit
Why would you stroke it if you're going to turbo it? If you're boosting it then you don't need any more displacement. Besides, a stroker kit will lower your useable RPM range.

sway2003 08-09-2006 05:05 PM

RE: Stroker kit
well I plan on building the bottom end, and I was given prices for a OE spec low cr kit, and a low cr stroker kit, and they were the same price. So since it wouldnt cost extra, I planned on the stroker kit for more displacement. How does a stroker kit lower my useable RPM range?

pWnEdU 08-09-2006 05:43 PM

RE: Stroker kit
Longer stroke equals WAY more stress on the rods per a given RPM, and it just that much farther for the piston to travel.

If they're both the same price, I would stroke it though... just because it would give you more torque and better response while still all motor before boost, and it's easier to find the correct turbo for an engine that doesn't rev into the atmosphere.

Nail I3unny 08-09-2006 05:53 PM

RE: Stroker kit
would i be correct in assuming its a Crower kit? i know Crower only offers SRP, JE, and CP pistons with their kits and doesnt make their own. if so, then the 2.0L crower kit will be ok for boost...but the 2.19 would be better because it is the same stroke with bigger pistons, so you bore out the cylinders more.

its about average as far as crower kits go.

sway2003 08-09-2006 06:00 PM

RE: Stroker kit
What turbo would you recommend with this setup? I am in the blue printing phases right now with my motor. I plan on throwing everything in at once, including the turbo. I have been looking at a t3/t4 with a .48 trim, but thats just by all the threads I have read. I have no problem spending a lot of money since it's going to be a 2 year project. I have already planned on spending about 7k, with a fully built motor with a turbo. I already know that I'm staying non-vtec with a B18A head with stage 2 crower turbo cams, AEM adjustable 5-bolt cam gears, Crower stainless steel springs and retainers, and port and polish with probably an ITR style intake manifold with throttle body, and throttlebody Spacer. So obviously I have the head figured out, its just figuring out the bottom end. I am completely open to all suggestions and criticism, because the worst thing you can do is completely build an engine with the wrong info. BTW I know that you may ask why dont I go vtec or GSR, it because i got the B18A FOR FREE!

pWnEdU 08-09-2006 06:14 PM

RE: Stroker kit
Going w/o vtec on a boosted setup is probably better anyways.

T3/T4 turbos are great.

Get forged rods and some good pistons along with some ARP goodies. I would suggest calling crower and asking them.

Nail I3unny 08-09-2006 06:16 PM

RE: Stroker kit
garrett T3/T04E, .63AR, stage 3, 50 trim compressor

pWnEdU 08-09-2006 06:37 PM

RE: Stroker kit
Is this going to be a daily driver? Weekend toy? Autocross? Drag? Each requires a different setup.

HP goals?

No one can make a proper recommendation until we know that basic info.

sway2003 08-09-2006 08:47 PM

RE: Stroker kit
This is definately a daily driver, I plan on running about 7-10 psi daily, 10-13 when toying around, and maybe 15-18 on the track, depends, I'm going from a d16y8 stock, so any psi will be a tremendous difference. I really want to hit some good hp figures, but keep it reliable 250-350 depending on what psi im running and octane. I want to keep away from a fuel management system for now, so i wont be beating on the car. and yes Nail its a Crower with JE or SRP pistons, I havent really heard anything bad about crower so i'm gonna stick with them as much as possible.

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