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Default Headlight Install (06-10 Civic)

Hello again,

Just swapped my headlights out the other day. I'm quite pleased with them. Here is how you go about getting them out(kind of a pain in the butt, but not too bad).

You may want to jack your car up or ramp it up. The clips underneath the car will be easier to get off you have a little bit more than 4 inches of space to work with.

1) There is one screw in each wheel well. It is on the front side of the well and screwed upwards into the body.(phillips) Take those out.

2) Underneath the car there are several of the clips where you have to pop out the center stud and then pull the clip out. I forgot to count, but I think there are about 10 you need to take off. Only take off the ones holding the bumper to the underbody spoiler/plastic thing.

3) Under the hood, there is a plastic guard above the grill. Take this off. There are once again a few clips you need to pop off. Then the guard just slids off.

4) Also, along the right and left edge of the hood. There are plastic guards, you are going to want these off too, or at least loose enough so you can see the bolts holding the fender to the body. There are 2 of these bolts on each side of the car. You should take those out. You will need a little play in the fenders.

5) Now that you have all the bolts and underbody clips off the bumper, you can start to take it off. Pull gentlly at an edge at the wheel well. You can see how the bumper is being held on. Stick a flat head screwdriver in one of the slits and pop the clip away. Careful not to scratch your paint. I think there are only 3 clips on each side. And then the bumper under the headlights is held under some very loose clips. It just pulls straight out at this point.

6) Now that you have the bumper off, you can see the headlights and screws holding them on. I don't have any pics right now, but I believe my gf snapped some with the bumper off. I'll attach it later too point out where the screws are.
There are 2 screws on the top of each headlight, that are actually located in the hood.
There is one on the outside edge of each light. This screw is also holding the fender and a bar under the headlight that alights the headlight and holds the bumper on.
The bar I just mentioned is also heald on in the front. You have to stick a socket on an extension to get to this screw. It's located about 8" past the bumper.
The headlight is also screwed into this bar from underneath. This screw is located in front of the one I just mentioned. It is screwed upwards from underneath. Probably grey in color.

7) Now you should have all the headlight loose. With a little action from the fender, you can pull the assemblies out.

8) If there is more than just the standard lights, (like extra LED's on my headlights) follow the wiring diagram.

9) Now you are good to go. Just put the lights back on in reverse order. Make sure they aligned properly. This took me a few tries. But you'll get it.

10) Before you put it all back together, make sure they work properly

11) Put everything back on in reverse order and you are good to go.

PM me if you have any trouble or I forgot something
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