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Dream Civic Setup

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Default Dream Civic Setup

Just wondering what would be a dream setup for your civic? Let's pretend we are listed on Forbes richest list and money is not a factor. This way newbies such as myself in the future can look at this topic and aim high.
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

umm if I were one of the people on that list the last thing I would give a crap about is a civic, otherwise one that gets 60mpg in town and will actually pull up a hill on the highway without down shifting would be cool.
Old 09-22-2007, 10:12 PM
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

the civette!
Old 09-23-2007, 12:19 AM
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

I'm not thinking the Civette gets 60MPG thought... lol but you definatly wont need to downshift
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

I'm with Marty - if I were listed somewhere like Forbes, I would not be too concerned about any Honda product... not even the mighty NSX. I probably wouldn't lose any sleep over gas mileage, either.

My ride would be a nice bright red, with a prancing horse hood emblem and V-12 under the hood.

What would I like for my Civic? American-style tilt steering column, some nice 16" 7-spoke rims and low-profile tires, a stock engine swap that puts out more than 130 hp, and a bigger more-reliable cup holder in a stock-like location.

Two items on that list don't exist, and the others are way more money than I'm willing to spend for 'basic transportation.' Everything else I want done to my car I can do myself for just a couple hundred bucks. Since I've had my Civic (June '07), I've gotten a lot done towards making my commuter a nice little car - most of it involved cleaning, which made a huge difference all by itself. The rest was mechanical work as well as a few cosmetic things (window tint and rubbing out the paint). All that's really left for my car is putting in some stereo components I have laying around, installing an intake kit, doing the front brakes, and getting it to quit leaking oil (needs a new head gasket).

There's no reason you need to spend a lot of money to have the 'Civic of your Dreams.' It all just depends on what your dreams are. But if your dreams involve racing with cars that are out of your league, then yeah - you're going to need a deep pocket to get you where you want to go.
Old 09-23-2007, 07:43 AM
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

- will have mine soon, then again , ain't askin for much - and they're will always be room for change
Old 09-23-2007, 08:27 AM
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

a slammed civic with low-profile tires and no road noise (you pretty much have to shout to the other people for them to hear you in my car lol)

But honestly, if I were absolutely filthy stinkin' rich, I probably wouldn't have any ferraris or anything like than... I like to keep things simple. Actually, the most expensive car I'd ever own would be a skyline (if I could afford one lol).

But back to the topic... I'd keep it a 5th gen, turbo'd k20 swap, Buddy Club P1 wheels, Mugen twin-loop exhaust, a real Mugen front lip (carbon fiber), carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk lid, 99-00 SI blue paint job, slammed (like the same drop I have now), maybe some Bride racing seats, no rear seat or trunk... just a custom fiberglass sub enclosure going from the trunk to the front seats, custom fiberglass dash/center console (connected so it's one piece)... and I have this freakin' awesome Idea I've been playing around with that I might do if I eventually get another 5th gen where I want to move the radio/cd player out of the dash and up to the roof where the sunvisor is... I just think that would be really cool (I'll probably eventually do it if I can find another 5th gen so I don't feel bad about ricing out my current civic)... and yeah, I know... it got a little ricy there at the end, but still... it's what I'd honestly want to do
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

keep my 7th gen coupe... do a k20a swap (whichever is the one with 220 hp)(and a brand new block straight from honda none of this hmotorsonline business), build it up with the absolute best rods cams pistons that money can buy. put an amazingly large turbo set up and nitrous, OH AND a AWD conversion. then i'd COMPLETLY trick out the suspension, with a complete coilover kit, strut bars, all that stuff. THEN since i have all this damn power, i'd dynamat the whole car in a way to make it nice and quiet in the car. i'd get custom buddy club racing seats with side airbags in em, and that are leather. put those $800 polk audio speakers in my car have a custom trunk similar to supermex's. put those 700$ rims that 96civic285whp has on his car with some expensive tires. new headlights, new taillights. i'd put a HFP body kit on it. Have any dent ding scratch or imperfection on the outside of inside of my car made look like new. brembo brakes with the drilled/slotted rotors. one of those JDM carbon fiber intakes, and a tanabe exhaust. some jdm fogs, perhaps that $50 jdm trash can just to say i have one.

all i can think of for now, but hey if i had all the money in the world id have a tricked out STI and a bad *** corvette for my daily driver.
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

ORIGINAL: reaper2022

But honestly, if I were absolutely filthy stinkin' rich, I probably wouldn't have any ferraris or anything like than... I like to keep things simple.
And what's more simple than getting a car that already has everything you'd ever want? Exclusiveness, way fast, styling that everybody tries to imitate, everything inside you could possibly want, and a level of coolness you'll never have with a Civic... all just by writing a check and taking the keys.

I'm a little more nostalgic - I'd love a '63 GTO, a '71 365 GTS, or even an '82 308 GTS. Basically, you can keep anything newer than an F-40 - although the F355 is nice.
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Default RE: Dream Civic Setup

black 6th gen, tint all the way around, dropped, 17" black rims w/ polished lip, quietest exhaust imaginable (other htan stock lol), built and boosted DOHC VTEC, maybe a B series, then black interior, a few subtle accents inside but nothing major, and red/white tails.

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