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Jet Hot

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Default Jet Hot

Has anyone heard of the company called Jet Hot? My buddys brother is restoring a 68' Mach 1 and he bought a set of headers for it from Jet Hot. They coated them for him, inside and out. Same stuff used on the space shuttle. He is machanic for Mack Truck and he knows his stuff. I asked him about the header wrap and he said it would help but keeping the exhaust hotter make the metal hotter also. Therefore possibly stressing the metal and other things. So he suggested Jet Hot. They will coat your header for you. In and out. keeping the exhaust hot and the header cooler. They won't turn color, scratch and they look sweet.


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Default RE: Jet Hot

I looked at the website, but it doesn't say how it's coating is any different than "ceramic coating", plus, I noticed they don't give any prices. (maybe too expensive to list?)
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yeah. it looks like its prolly one of those 'if you have to ask you cant afford it' kinda things. i mean...to slap NASA into their product description its gotta be great, and that usually entails expensive
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Default RE: Jet Hot

haha... yeah probably
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Bringing this back from the dead. I inquired about this for the header, valve cover, intake manifold, throttle body,and custom air intake. They quoted me around $500 for everything. Not too bad if it lives up to it's hype. They are sending me a full info package just for the inquiry. I'll read over it and watch the video when it gets here and do an update on this. I live in a tropical environment and if it can extend the life of most of my components from typhoon damage and the rest of the salt on the island it would be worth it. This quote was for a 96 EK-3 VTi. Here's the response from the company I recieved on the e-mail:
We really appreciate your interest in JET-HOT. This e-mail has your
ESTIMATE, some technical information you need to have, along with a

JET-HOT is the number one supplier of ceramic coated headers in the
We invented this coating and have over 20 years of experience in the
of engine exhaust technologies. We also want to let you know that we
sent you, by priority mail, information that should help you make your
decision. You should have this within a few days. This packet
several independent technical articles, a JET-HOT 20 page brochure, and

We'd charge $110 to coat your exhaust manifold in the 1300 Sterling
The intake would be about 190, the valve cover $65, intake pipe $20 per
foot, throttle body $35, and exhaust pipe $15 per foot. Add $20 for the
matte black, blue, grey or copper finish. The gloss black is $50
and has an 1100ºF tolerance. We'll need them here for 5 days plus
time back. If the parts are chrome or nickel plated, add $50 to the
and 2 days for stripping. We can return ship via USPS, but that would
prevent us from doing the exhaust because of size restrictions. I
think the
largest box we have, that they'll accept, is 44x14x19.

Technical benefits for the 1300 Sterling are as follows: Looks great,
reduces under-hood temperatures by 50 degrees Fahrenheit and more,
pipes about 300ºF cooler, gives you 1-3% extra horsepower, extends
header life by at least 10 times, and improves safety in an accident by
reducing the probability of fire-balling. It is also very easy to keep
clean. If you use one of the other 1300 colors, they perform as well,
are not as cleanable. I will send you our full information package to
you all the coating benefits in greater detail.

If you upgrade to the EXTREME STERLING you get a coating that will stay
shiny 200ºF higher than Sterling, and take a maximum temperature of
though it does have an orange-peel texture compared to 1300 Sterling.
will also provide an estimated 100ºF more of insulation and carries a
5 year
warranty. It is recommended for low boost turbo and supercharged
and lean running EFI cars. Cost is $50 more, and takes an extra 2-3
days to

Finally we offer JET-HOT 2000. It does not provide as much insulation
as the
1300 Sterling, but this coating can take temperatures up to 2400
The 2000 only comes in a flat black, blue or grey finish and has a
texture on the outside(like 150 grit sandpaper). The Jet Hot 2000 runs
more than the sterling silver finish. This coating takes 2 days longer
the sterling silver process. We suggest JET-HOT 2000 for set ups with
shots of nitrous, high boost turbo and superchargers, motorhomes and

$ SAVE 10% $

We are automobile and engine enthusiasts and want to insure your
satisfaction. Please review all your options. If you inform us NOW
that you

intend to work with us when you are ready, we will give you a 10%
from the quoted price. Call or email us to lock in your discount.

All parts receive a 3 year unlimited guarantee that covers chipping,
peeling, cracking, discoloration, rusting. New parts also get a
rust-through warranty as well.

Please ship your parts to:

JET-HOT Coatings
2530 Milford Square Pike
Quakertown, PA 18951
5602 Orchard Rd
Pascagoula MS 39581
1840 West Drake Dr
Tempe AZ 85283

Please note: JET-HOT 2000 is only done in the Pascagoula, MS location

Just be sure to include your name and return info so we know who they
to and specify the finish of your choice. As for billing, you can
include a credit card number with the parts or you can call one in to
phone number listed below. Please feel free to call or email with any

Points to consider in making your decision are:
. JET-HOT has an impeccable reputation, unequaled quality and a
A guarantee we stand behind.
. JET-HOT's parent company, Metallic Ceramic Coatings Inc, engineered
coatings to the third generation which contains silver powders allowing
components to look better, last longer, and outperform all other
. JET-HOT uses expensive aluminum oxide to clean components. We don't
use sand like others.
. JET-HOT applies two exterior coatings and two interior coatings and
just one layer as everyone else does.
. JET-HOT has the most brilliant appearance of any coating, not just an
or so-so look.
. JET-HOT will work with you to help you achieve your objectives and
gladly provide you with technical know how at no additional cost.
. JET-HOT has the most cost effective pricing and there are no hidden
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Default RE: Jet Hot

If I were to do this, im looking into it right now, will they coat my buddyclub header when I get it? I was thinking ceramic, but would sterling be better to keep it colder? Headers seem pretty good priced, only downfall is the latest header they have for an si is for a 2000 model....
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Default RE: Jet Hot

They have different colors. just google "jet hot" and it'll come up. Write them and see.
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I was doing some research on headers and thought I would bump this up. For you guys out there that are on turbo applications your header or manifold can reach EGT's of 1600+.
My story, my GST eclipse, higly modified had a SS mandril header with a T28Killer turbo on 28psi, I went out street racing one night and when all was said and done I came home. I turned the car off, the turbo timer shut the car off on cue, and as I was walking away I noticed that my hood, and the area around it was GLOWING. I thought that was odd, so I backtracked, popped the hood, and behold my header was glowing like the sun. For any of you DSM guys out there you know what I am talking about when you are running a tadd on the lean side. Anyway. It looked like you could put your finger through it, like the color of the sun, and this was at night! So first option, HEADER WRAP, at the time I was in Washingtion State and everyone told me it was a bad idea because of the moisture. So I did some research, and I came up with Jethot. I sent them my header, I think it was just over 100 bucks, and they sent it back. I will embed pictures for you. FIRST off, I noticed a drop in EGT, I noticed that my carbon fiber hood was no longer hot to touch, and third the COLOR NEVER CHANGED! It was worth every penny. If I ever get a header for my civi now, even though I am not running boost and high EGT I will still get it jethot. Those guys are awsome, and very fast. To me now its like do I wear clean underwear or dig through the hamper and find the streak of the weak, a no brainer. I don't care what anyone says, if you wrap it, moisture CAN get in there, get trapped there and RUST. I prefer the Jethot and I recommend to anyone who wants that extra touch, but most important for those guys running boost.
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