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Default 94 Civic D16Z6 Throttle Issues

I'm having a weird problem that I've never ran into in the past 10+ years of owning Honda's and I'm absolutely stuck.

I've posted on other forums, but still looking for an answer. My car is having what feels like a fuel issue. It feels like it's running really lean at low rpms, like it's starving for fuel, like when you run it out of gas, and then around 5k rpm it runs super rich and blows a puff of black smoke out the tail pipe. It bucks, misses, and backfires if you give it full throttle at any rpm, doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. It has no get up and go until you get it past 4k. Anything before that and it's just sluggish like it's misfiring. Also, when driving on the interstate you can just be cruising and then all of a sudden, it's like a switch flips and it starts running real bad. You can't do anything. Any throttle input makes it run worse, and the only way to make it run halfway decent is to turn the car off and back on. I know that's the worse thing to do, but it's my only option at times. I've been having similar problems with it for over a year. The TPS sensor went bad first, and ever since then, things have only gotten worse. It's started running at it's worse this past week when I changed the distributor to a new one. It's definitely firing hard, but it's screwing up big time. I feel like it's an electrical problem reading something wrong somewhere where it's either not sending enough fuel or way to much. It still seems like it's a TPS issue, but I can't figure out where. I'm at a huge loss right now.

List of parts I've replaced:

-Dizzy (rotor & cap too)

-Fuel Pump

-Fuel Filter

-Spark Plugs


-TPS Sensor (reading .49 idle, 4.48 full reads all the way to the ECU)

-MAP Sensor

-O2 Sensor


Checked & Cleaned:

-Timing right on (just replaced the belt, tens, & water pump less than a year ago)

-Cleaned the IACV & FITV

-Two fuel cleaners (Lucas standard & full treatment)

-Fuel Pressure (with in spec)

-Cat Converter (pretty clean, little bit of sut)

-Compression (181 across the board, 182 in cyl 3)

After all of this, I don't know where else to go. Anyone got an ideas?
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