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Help! Help! Help!

Old 01-12-2006, 12:34 AM
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Default Help! Help! Help!

Have a 98' Honda Civic. When I get in my car, turn it on and change gears to go into reverse to get out my driveway, the car starts squealing or squeaking as long as Im going in reverse. When I hit the brake completely, it stops, then continue to back up, it sometimes continues or stops at random. When I drive, I never hear it. Only in reverse, however it only happens once everytime when I first get in my car after Its been sitting there overnight when im asleep, or at work, or anywhere where the car is off. I could be driving all day, and if I happen to go into reverse, it wont squeal.

I have no clue about cars and it's parts, I wanted to see if anyone can give me any clue on what this is so I can have someone check it out.
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Brake pads are gone.........take it to car-x if you have one nearby
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is it like the noise when you usually back up? or louder?
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First try checking out the transmission fluid level and also see if the fluid is a dark red and not a brownish color. Also smell it and see if it has a burnt smell to it. From the symptons you have said the brakes don't need work. You would hear that noise during braking only going in reverse or forward. Let us know if the transmission fluid is ok and then go from there.
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do you use your parking brake? if so, when you release the parking brake handle it is taking a while for the rear brakes to completely release. it won't be enough to stop you or slow you down, just enough to drive you crazy. you may need to check the cable going to the back end. may be too tight or something simple like that. once you start driving it probably finally lets go and is fine and doesn't do it the rest of the day. have you had any brake or exhaust work done lately?
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I have the same exact issue that I yet to diagnose. My driveway has a decline to it so I put it in reverse to start moving and then to neutral. The squeal starts (from the front end) then all the way down the driveway or until I press the breaks. I put it in first and drive away without any further noise. This happens everywhere when I go into reverse. I checked the brake fluid and it is ok. I agree. I do not thing it is coming from the pads because I have essentially full pads. Also, the pitch and volume is the same until the brake pedal is pressed. If it were the parking brake I would expect the sound from the rear. This is driving me nuts. It has only started in the last couple weeks. I just got the 98 Civic DX in 9/07 with 150k on it and it was serviced as scheduled at a dealer. It just doesn't make sense. I don't see how the transmission fluid would be the calprit either.
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Default RE: Help! Help! Help!

I agree with JimBlake's reply to your problem in a different thread. The problem is most surely that your brake pads are worn and that the metal wear indicator on the brake pads is sounding its alarm. Solve the problem by replacing the front brake pads.

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