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Old 03-14-2005, 03:54 PM
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Default What does TDI stand for on VWs?

Exactly what the title says, what does TDI stand for on VWs? I remember in Ireland they called fuel injected diesel engines with turbo TDI. Any corelation? Thanks guys.
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Old 03-14-2005, 04:02 PM
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Default RE: What does TDI stand for on VWs?

"TDI" stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection
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Old 03-14-2005, 06:20 PM
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Default RE: What does TDI stand for on VWs?

TDI is actually turbodiesel...
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Old 03-14-2005, 11:31 PM
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Default RE: What does TDI stand for on VWs?

yeah, i was going to say Turbo Diesel Injection.
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Old 03-15-2005, 12:53 AM
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Default RE: What does TDI stand for on VWs?

Cool, thanks Kappa and Sacicons. Figured it was the same, but wanted to be %100.
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Old 03-19-2005, 08:22 AM
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Default RE: What does TDI stand for on VWs?

yea, i know a guy with one. i am guessing Turbo Diesel Injection cause it is a diesel with a turbo and its elctronically fuel injected
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Old 11-04-2008, 06:03 AM
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Default TDI stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection

At least for VW. There are mechanical fuel injection cars since the 70's.
BMW 2002 Tii is one. the early TDI has mechanical injection pump!
But all TDI are Diesels.

My 2003 Golf TDI is still half and half (meaning half mechanical and half electronic) The injection pump on the 1999.5 -2004.5 model (ALH engine code) is part fuel pump and part injection pump as one unit (which cost half of the cost whole engine - about $3000)

The newer PD and Common Rail TDIs have fully electronic Injection and its separate electrical fuel pump.

I love my TDI, sort of missed my S2000 (for track of course! High rev motor are great for track fun just like the BMW M3 motor and high rev motorcycles!)
TDIs are great for street (stop and go traffic), lots of Torque! Usually out run most sports car from 0-40 mph, once other larger sports cars Hp (rev) kicks in will leave me sort of standing still, but I'm talking about most cars above 200Hp!

My TDI used to get over 53 MPG (when stock 90 Hp/ 155 ft-pounds of torque to the crank) and ran on Grease (WVO- Waste Vegetable Oil)
Yes I did the Vegetable Oil conversion almost 4 years ago to save fuel cost (It's like almost free, collecting wate oil from restaurants, but spent time to filtered the dirty oil)
Most TDI are very easy to get more power, unlike the Honda S2000 which has already tuned almost to the max at the factory! (Unless you drop in a Turbo or Supercharger, but the life of the engine will suffer) By just simple Chipped ECU on My TDI gave me 110Hp/207 ft-pounds of torque to the wheels and still getting over 50 MPG!

After I upgarded my Injection Nozzles and larger Intercooler and among other things; now I have over 128 Hp/227 ft-pounds of torque to the wheels and still getting over 40 MPG!
I'm ready to install a large WG turbo soon! (hoping to get at least 170-195 WHp, which will have close to 300 Ft-pounds of torque!)
200Hp was the target for most TDIer and hard to achive before 2007. Now, there are people mod the heck out these 90 Hp TDI motor over 300WHp! (Not sure how long the motor will last? but I'm still going for the 170-195 Hp and have long lasting motor!)

Anyway, bottom line is the slower the motor turns the longer the motor will last! That's why most motorcycles will not last as long as the most cars.
There are slow turning Lister Diesel engine (mostly used for generator or farm use) turns at 600 RPM has lasted over 40 years or more (plus they run 24/7)
Also the locomotive (train) V12 Turbo Diesel (two stroke) engine idle at 300 RPM and rev to 900 RPM top (but these motor mainly used to generate Electricity to power the driving Electrical motors.

So far my TDI ran fine with my clean filtered WVO, and already moded the complete suspension (Including the brakes, I had spent over $10K; I know, I'm crazy! Just check out this link: http://www.greasecarmotorsports.com/ Now there are people racing Diesels with Vegetable oil).

On the front suspension of my TDI, there are almost metal to metal with spherecal bushings, almost no rubber components; may be just the protective boot here and there? It drives like a Rearwheel drive car though? The rear end will actually slid out if I pushed too hard! But the suspension on the Golf still doesn't feel as stiff as my stock S2000?
Can't wait to drop in the large WG turbo and get on the Road Atlanta again.
Not sure if it will do well like my High Revved S2000?
To go fast (Topend speed) is to have Hp and geared correctly. Although I do have a taller fifth gear in my transimission, but I might still have to swap out with a 6-speed for top speed? (I know my stock 5th can get just over 120 MPH, tested on the street with a VERY LONG straight very early in the morning!)
Or I can just wait a little to save up for the new 2009 BMW 335d (yes, a twin turbo Diesel 3-series this winter 2008), or a BMW 135 for track car next year?
The old S2000 is just a bit slow (sort like the NSX, Honda are not upgrading the motor! for Hp) The best I have donein my S2000 is about 157 MPH on Atlanta MotorSpeedway when easily passed by Prosches on the track. The Porsches have more torque to get the car going and reach higher speed quicker; it will take S2000 longer to reach 150 from 100, (I've redlined several times on teh track and the fuel cuts off around 9200 or 9300 RPM!) and there is not enough track (road) for me to pick up the speed!

Here is a link to my Webshot photos to check out my junks: Ther are differnt albums for different cars I had, also pictures of modifications of my VW TDI Golf, and some S2000 pics and some dumb hobbies..hee, hee......

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Old 11-04-2008, 06:16 AM
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Default !

Honda already have the 2.2 Liter i-CTDi (Diesel) in Euroupe (I think in 2006?).
The new engine is a 2.2 litre four-cylinder unit called "i-CTDi", which stands for (take a deep breath here!): Intelligent, Common-rail, Turbo-charged, Direct, Injection.

So, the TDi in honda's i-CTDi is also stand for Turbocharged, Direct, Injection!

The enignes are in a neat looking Civic (Hatchback), and CR-V and Euroupean Accord (we called Acura TSX here). And they will be here with turbo Diesel next year for 2009 TSX! The only thing is Hp rating is somewhere around 180Hp, but will get over 40+ MPG; still, I want it more Hp! So, I'm going with BMW for now. and hoping Honda will come with the V6 Turbo Diesel for the Pilot, Ridgline, and Odyssey.

Just hope Diesel price will drop soon. (5 years ago, Diesel is cheaper than the regular unleaded gasoline!) Diesel are easier to refine, just problem with supply and demand; they don't make enough Diesel here in the US.

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Old 11-04-2008, 07:45 AM
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dude, check the date

3-19-2005, 05:22 PM
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Old 11-04-2008, 07:50 AM
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I know, I just thought it 'll be fun to let others know about it.

I sort of bumpped in here by searching TDI stuff. Used to own a 2000 Civic and few CRXs as well.
The S2000 VTEC felt like a small turbo when kiced in. Especially I had it programmed to kick in early.

You don't want people to think VTEC is some sort of cordless phone (V-Tech), or some learning center (VTEC), do you?

BTW, what's 14B @ 7 psi stands for? I'm sort of old school and very new at Turbos, especially for gasoline motors.
I'm currently running at 22 psi, may be up to 25 psi once in a while. (of course Diesel engine likes high compression, after all it's a compression ignition engine rather a spark ignition engine.)

Anything over 30 psi might be dangerous even for our cast iron block (especially the internals like rods and crank)
Even after I dropped my hybrid Trubo for my TDI, I don't think I'll be running over 27 psi?

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