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Default Coilover Sleeve Installation

This is a general DIY for putting coilover sleeves on shocks properly.

The products being used here are:
KYB AGX shocks
Skunk2 Coilover Springs with provided o-rings
Electrical Tape
Vaseline (OR any good lubricant)
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Skunk2 Coilovers Sleeve and Spring:

Vaseline and Electrical Tape:

Step 1:
Start by rolling the smallest o-rings provided onto the shock as shown:
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This part is rather important. There should be NO slop (wiggling) when the sleeves is assembled on the shock when you are done.

So, with that in mind, test fit the sleeve over the assembly now.
If it fits over easily and it wiggles about
a. Try the next size up for the o-rings
It looks like the o-rings are just a little too big
b. That's perfect, continue to step 2.
The next size was way too big.
c. You are going to have to find an inbetween size o-ring somewhere.

Step 2:
You have the right size o-rings. Now, most coilover makers only give you 8 o-rings of each size. (That's two for each shock. High-five if you figured that out on your own!)

Anyways, so they recommend two o-rings for each shock. I like to use 3-4 on each shock to ensure that the sleeve stays firm on the shocks. I have access to a ton of different o-rings at work so I don't have to worry about running out.

Now, this is where the electrical tape comes in. Rip off 5-6 small strips of tape and semi-secure the bottom o-ring in place by placing the strips perpendicular to the o-ring as shown:
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Then, rip 2 long strips and wrap them tightly around the ends of the small strips as shown:
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Do this with all of the o-rings you are using to make it look like this:
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Step 3:
Now that the o-rings are all secured in place, lube them up! Also, lube up the inside of the coilover sleeve.
Once everything is as slippery as a bar of soap in jail, push the coilover sleeve down over the assembly as shown:
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It'll be a TIGHT fit!

You're Done:
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Obviously, do the same for the other three shocks.

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Default RE: Coilover sleeve DIY

sick diy i will have to use this when i get my car back and start modding
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Default RE: Coilover sleeve DIY

Thanks man! I just ordered my skunk2 coilover sleeves yesterday and they will be here this week. Im putting them on the skunk2 pro sport shocks, so this will be a big help, Thanks
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