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Default Energy Suspension Shifter Bushing Set Installation

Energy Shifter Bushings

1. Why would you want to do this?

More precise shifting, more positive engagement, replace deteriorated bushing(s)

2. How long does this take?

About 30-45 minutes.

3. Precautions?

Use jackstands.

4. What's needed?
12mm socket
socket wrench
socket wrench extensions

Step 1 - Jack up the car from the front

We will be doing the smaller bushing first (next to the transmission)

Step 2 - Remove OEM bushing

Name:  DSC02058.jpg
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-Shift linkage will drop down, pry out the OEM bushing with a screwdriver, and clean everything up with Brakleen. This is what you should have now in front of you.

Name:  DSC02059.jpg
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Step 3 - Installing ES Bushing

Use the supplied lube around the edges...

Name:  DSC02060.jpg
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Push both sides into the shift linkage, insert metal shaft through the bushings (with lube on it as well), re-install shift linkage with the one bolt you previously removed.

**Installation for the other bushing is the same.**

Get under where your shifter is and you'll see this...remove the bolts, and then slide off.

Name:  DSC02062.jpg
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The shift linkage will drop again. Install ES shifter bushing with lube.
(The two bolts were not re-installed yet in this picture.)

Step 4 - Lower the car and clean up!

You're done! Now hope in the car and go for a spirited drive. You will notice a difference.

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