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Short Ram Intake Installation (96-00 Civic DX/LX/CX)

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Default Short Ram Intake Installation (96-00 Civic DX/LX/CX)

Note: This DIY is for 6th Gen DX/LX model cars, and any other vehicle featuring the D16Y7 motor. For other applications, the process is similar, but bolts, and hoses might connect to different areas.

Step 1: Open your hood, you should be looking at something like this:

Step 2: Disconnect negative battery terminal (this isn’t entirely necessary, but does help resetting the car’s ECU, which will help you take advantage of new found throttle response) Step 3: Unclip the 4 clips holding your air filter in place. Remove top piece of air filter housing, and the piping going towards front of car.

Step 4: Remove two 10mm bolts from the stock airbox located in the front passenger’s corner of your car. One is on top of the wheel well, the other is located behind the headlight, and is a royal pain in the *** to get at. Wiggle the box out of the front corner of the car (there’s a sort of rubber bushing still holding it in)

Step 5: Remove the clamp from the hose that connects the valve cover to the air filter housing (near driver side, it’s part rubber, part hard pipe, remove both rubber hoses from the top of the hard pipe). Remove air intake temperature sensor from the back of the air filter housing.

Step 6: Weasel your way near hood, to loosen the clamp holding the bottom of the air filter housing to the throttle body (this is a royal PITA). Alternatively, rock the air filter housing carefully back and forth while pulling upward to get it to come off. Remove associated rubber grommet from throttle body, make sure not to knock anything into the hole.

Step 7: Your car should now look like this: (minus the black tube on the throttle body)

Step 8: Place large rubber tube over throttle body, and use hose clamp to loosely secure it to the throttle body. Remove bolt from mounting bracket at this location:

Step 9: Screw the double sided rubber mount into the bolt hole you just created (it helps to put the nut & washer on the other side, then use a ratchet to firmly attach it).

Step 10: Now on the intake tube, insert the rubber grommet into the small hole on the tube. You can then take the intake tube, and insert it into the black tube at the throttle body, at the same time lining up the mounting bracket with the stud on the rubber mount. Loosely attach it with the washer and nut in place. Do not forget the second hose clamp on the black tube.

Step 11: Firmly tighten the rubber mounting nut, as well as the hose clamps. At this point, you can insert the intake air temperature sensor into the rubber grommet on the intake tube. Your intake should now look like this:

Step 12: Using the thick hose provided with your kit, and the two medium sized hose clamps, link the intake tube, with the breather port on the valve cover like so (circled for clarity):
Step 13: Now, remove the rubber hoses connecting to the throttle body, and the lower engine block that are attached to the hard pipes from earlier, note, it is a good idea to take the one connecting to the throttle body off first, as this is a coolant hose, and there is a chance some coolant will leak out (not very much, but some). Using the thinner hose and the smallest clamps provided with the kit, run the hose to connect these two points. (again, circled for clarity).

Step 14: Now go around and tighten all hose clamps and mounting nuts, and attach the filter to the end of the intake tube with the last remaining hose clamp and tighten. Connect your negative battery terminal, and start the car up. Let the car idle for a few minutes and then check the coolant overflow reservoir to ensure it is at the correct level (if not, add proper coolant mix to the right level).

Step 15: Pop open a cold one, and enjoy your handy work.

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