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Hi all, stupid question, so bear with me. First off, I'm a noob, so I'm sure you've all heard stuff like this before, and I'm probably beating a dead horse with a sticklol. Second, I used the search, and have been to other sites with no luck, so with that out of the way, here goes. I just bought a '96 EX Coupe, non-vtec, auto. This thing is a turd lol. I don't want the fastest damn thing in the world, just something a little quicker, but still keep my auto. What would be the most reasonable thing to get? I was reading something about a mini-me swap, but? Is there any full swap I could do that I could keep the auto?What do you all think would be the best thing to do? Besides get a new car lol. Alright, so with that said, let the "thread bashing" begin lol. I can take it, hell, we all have to start somewhere....

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There's always the intake/header/exhaust.
Not sure how well the auto takes to it.
As for swaps, i'll let someone else tackle that.
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thought about switching to a manuel transmission? that will make you faster
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Yup, thought about it, but don't know if it'd be worth the headache?
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Not worth the headach?the best thing an auto car could get is a manuel tranny.

You could do the basics like macbeth said, but again, the auto tranny will only hold your car back.From my experience in my buddys"tip-tronic automatic" (i think thats what its called) 1999 Prelude,if your tranny is a bit old and not in perfect condition, it will clunk and be crappywhen it upshifts.

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You could swap to an H22 with a auto trans and do i/h/e to itbut still I think the best thing you could do would be get astandard transmission.
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mini me swap is basically taking ur non vtec head off and put a vtec head on along with running what ever else is needed for it. mainly a wiring harness so the vtec can work.
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Please provide a descriptive thread title next time.

Why do you want to keep automatic? Manual is far better.
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Yeah, a manual swap isn't that hard (can be done in under a day by someone vaguely familiar with an engine bay), and I think it's about the best thing you can do as far as making it more fun to drive.

And if you're hell-bent on keeping an auto, I'd say look into an engine swap (you can find them with auto trans.)... an h22 would be fast as hell, even with a slushbox.
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Thanks guys, I'm not hell-bent on keeping anything, and probably eventually down the road I'll convert it to manual. I understand that manual is far better, but I got a helluva deal on this thing. I just wasn't sure how hard it would be to convert it, but I'm just trying to get some ideas. Like I said, I'm not "set" on anything yet, so we'll see.

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