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Build the D, Or Swap?

Old 09-28-2009, 05:22 PM
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Red face Build the D, Or Swap?

okay, i have 89 civic DX, it has the d15b2 i do believe, right now, the car burns oil pretty bad, it needs a air temperature charge sensor, but other than that it runs good.. i just started back at my old job workin 40 hours a week
and i'd like to make my car a bit faster than it is.

im new to the hondas, never really worked on them besides changin the oil lol,
but i do know how to work on cars.. i rebuild my old SBC 350 and to this day it still runs strong..
but idk what to do, i would like to build the D since its already in there, but from what i've read, and see, you cant really bring much more then 200+ WHP with it..
so what i'd like to know is, Is there a d series set up that can bring 175-200HP without turboing it... i would plan on turboing it After I build the motor from the block up.. and is there a DOHC head for the d series that i could bolt onto my block?

Or would it be easier to swap to like a b16,b18,f22,h22???
i have 2 cars so i can put my daily driver(civic) on blocks for awhile to get some work done on it..

i work in a shop with welders and what not so i have all that if i have to weld/ do whateer to make a differnt motor fit.

i wanna hear some of your opinions and what you think would be the best way to go to get around 300-400HP after turboing
Old 09-28-2009, 05:41 PM
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Unless you want to spend large amounts of money building the D is a horrible idea, and yes you can build a D and get it to 200hp.

Now if you just want 200hp turboing the D is going to be the cheapest and easiest option.

If I were you I would go for a b18, it will yield the most HP after being fully built and turboed. Heck if your going all out on the motor I would just get the H22 since money doesnt seem to be a problem.
Old 09-28-2009, 05:42 PM
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If you are not going to go the turbo route on the D-series it is not logical to shoot for 200hp N/A. The cost will be astronomical and choosing either turbo or a swap will be a far more fiscally responsible choice.
Old 09-28-2009, 05:49 PM
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If you want to build a D to make 200 and THAN turbo it than you're on the wrong path. The engine at that point will be completely wrong for turbo. Set a realistic goal first. Yes, there's a DOHC ZC which you theoretically could bolt up with lots of work, and I think there actually was a DOHC D-series in one of the early teggies, but you don't want either one of those engines. What's the budget? A B18C1 would make the car fun even in stock form...
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Im doing a swap right now and it's alittle nickle and dime'ing you more than you think...
But i've had a d16 turbo before and it was fun to drive but not all that fast 180WHP.
The swap will be more $ for sure, but sould also be the most possitive way with room to grow 200whp - 400whp. so like what was said, it's all about budget.

My build will be about $3500-$4000 when all said and done. Bought two motor's B20,B18$1150, Trans $750, Neptune w/ECU and all $700, rebuild head, port head all new springs retainer's , cams, adjust timing gears $725(I do cylinder heads so, no $ for labor)Skunk2 Intake $235, clutch/PP & new fly wheel $225, plus all other little things mounts, belts etc. $350+
Plus you might need injectors, bigger throtle body, regulator,axel shaft's,ect.
So it all play's a part... just need to make a real "Budget" and "Goal" see what's doable.
I have a couple of race car's so I kinda know what I was getting into, but it's all the little stuff that get's you, which is the norm.
Anyway good luck, just wanted to get you the head's up.

Thanks, T-flow cylinder heads
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okay, so my budget is about 800 every two weeks, im going to uplaod some pics of my car, it is a real piece of art, lmao
how hard is it too swap a b18 into a civic hatch?
like i did a 305/350 swap on my camaro, and for the most part, it was the easiest swap in the world lol
i would like a 1.8 DOHC motor because i've own'd one before, and that was prolly the fastest 4cyl i'vve ever drove ... lol, plus it was reliable
so building the d would be a bad idea if i want 200-400 whp..
and whats N/A mean?
thats why i made this thread so i can get some ideas, and set a goal to work towards.
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and what do you mean if i build my d series up THEN turbo'd it it wouldnt be right? is it bad to turbo a built motor?
Old 09-29-2009, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by 0ldSchoolCiviC View Post
and what do you mean if i build my d series up THEN turbo'd it it wouldnt be right? is it bad to turbo a built motor?
Low compression, or high compression. Pick one. If you are going FI (Forced Induction - Turbo, supercharger etc), you want low compression.

If you are not planning on boosting, then you want high compression. N/A stands for Naturally Aspirated.
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N/A is with no power adder(on motor) Go to the swap section and look at the swaps, it will give you a run down of what you need.
Motor, ECU and trans. from the same family(D,B,F,H ect.)
Axles shafts and center shaft
Shift arms for your combo.
Motor mount's for your swap or set-up
Distributor and electrical connector's and addaptor's etc.
These are all thinks that need to be for "your" series of swap pursay
Hope this help's, T-flow cylinder heads
Old 09-30-2009, 06:12 AM
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I'd go with a B18 or H22. You can find a GSR swap at a decent price every now and then and it will be a fun car. Or you could pick up an LS swap...B18b1. Its the non-vtec B motor with lower compression. They are good for boost and way cheaper. And then there is the H22 which will put you at 200 right away. And for some reason I keep finding cheap H22s for sale near me right now when I dont have the cash for them haha. B swaps are easier.
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