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d series

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Default d series

okay i have d15b2?
i was wondering, is the d16 stroke an what not differnt from the d15?
could i put a d16 crankshaft/ connection rods an what not in a d15? if so would it make any differnce in the power/ revs?
and where would i find some good d series cams?
im goin with the N/A y8 head mini me build, kinda,
what kinda pistions should i get for high compression build?
are there aftermarket intakes/ fuel rails and what not for the d series or should i just slap a SI intake an what not on there?
im newb at all this honda stuff feel free to correct me

i'll check in with ya'll soon as i get back from surgery..
oh ya, how do i get my rev limiter off my car, im tryin to blow it up so i have an excuse to pull it and work on it lol, but it just wont blow lol
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they make everything for the D idk bout pistons but for head stuff check out crower there supposed to be awesome also i suggest doing headwork if your trying to build a D

IMO you should just turbo it because you will make more power cheaper or for the same price

and yes you should have a D15b2 but to be sure what year and trim level is ur car?

to take off the revlimiter you have to chip the ecu
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LMAO careful with the rev limiter.... I just went over to a friends house yesterday and watched him pull apart his LS Vtec out of his 99 SI, All internals blown to ****

He needs a whole new engine now...

Dumbass just traded his 10 sec. EG hatch for the SI and the guy he got it from guaranteed the fully build motor could handle 10k RPMs, so he took it thru 1st and 2nd at 10k and BOOOOOOOOOM lol I was crackin up cuz his hatch he traded was a monster.

Felt like telling this story hehe
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he wants to blow it so 10k is good,, just drain the oil and hold the gas pedal to the floor.
now for a good n/a build get a d16 block and get pistons from the 1.6 zc block it will give you great compression, now for the head get a d16y8 and the d16y8 dizzy, and you will need a jumper harness, use a d16y8 head gasket,
all d series have the same stroke.
here is a link to useful info on d motors, it will give you the specs.
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ok ya, but what i'm sayin,
is you can destroke a small block chevy by puttin a 350crank an rods in a 400 block..
can you do that with a honda?
like take my d15b2(has shorter and smaller bearing sizes but the wrist bore is the same) crankshaft, and connection rods an put them in a d16/d17 block?
then throw a a3 head on there?
would that bring higher compression or lower? is it possible? would it even do anything at all???
Old 10-21-2009, 03:13 AM
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it wouldnt do anything at all, the d15 and d16 are the same, just the liter is .1 more,
for higher compression everyone gets the pistons from a d16a1(dohc zc) and puts them in a d15,d16 sohc block, the a3 head will not fit, its from a older civic with the 12 valve engine, and the d17 wont fit anything its an odd ball engine from the new civics,
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Hello, i have a 1992 civic with D13B2 engine.

It is running on fuel and Liquefied petroleum gas, allmost all of the time I run on LPG (because its much cheaper in Lithuania )

These (d13b2) are pretty rare in Lithuania, and no one can share decent information about tuning them up, so anyway, i wanted to ask you, how can i tune up/optimize my carburetor engine, so it runs better, smoother and faster?

What i have done so far:
Air filter replace
Fuel filter replace(no effect while running on LPG )
Updated my LPG system (reductor, pipes, gas tank, gas and fuel valves, electronics, this **** costed me alot )
Changed my oil and oil filter
Changed the battery and battery clamps

Thank you for your time and information, and sorry for my bad english.
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  • Found in:
    • 1992-1995 Honda Civic EX (European Market) or period bakes civic eg
      • Displacement : 1,343 cc (82.0 cu in)
      • Bore and Stroke : 75.0 mm × 76.0 mm (2.95 in × 2.99 in)
      • Compression : 9:1
      • Power : 74.9 hp (55.9 kW, 76.0 ps) @ 6300 rpm
      • Torque : 75.2 ft·lbf (10.4 kg/m, 102 Nm) @ 3100 rpm
      • Valvetrain : SOHC (4 valves per cylinder)
      • Fuel Control : Single Carburetor
man i dont know what to tell you but maybe swap it out to something better, that motor is like the weakest motor every made by honda, just keep up on tuneups, plugs wires, dizzy cap and rotor. and maybe spray your carb out with a carb cleaner spray
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wanna race XD bwahahahaha i never knew honda made a 74 hp motor.. hell even their lawnmowers got more horses haha
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