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Alright, I recently got a 95 Honda Civic H/B CXfor $900 CAD. It runs a little smokey as the fool who owned the car never changed the oil, a few dents, scratches and the interior was horrid (not wrecked, just smelly/lots of stains and very dirty. I got all the interior cleaned up now and it is soon going back to the car, but the car doesnt have a whole lot of power. I'd like to know what kind of engine swaps are available for this car without modification, pretty much just a drop in. If you could kinda throw in a brief exclamation of the possible engine swapsthat would be awesome. Its preffered if you can find it out of a car and isnta custom engine,Acura/Honda/whatever else. As far as iv heard the acura integra pretty much has the same size engine bay so it would be a good fit, but im open to other options.

In advance thanks for the help.
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Well as for dropping right in, you could do a D16Z6/Y8. Thats a SOHC VTEC with about 127hp and 107tq.

Ok, now if you want to swap the axles, ecu, engine/tranny, mounts linkage you can do a B-series. They are all DOHC engines.

B16 engine is160hp 113tq -- From a 99-00 Civic Si and Del Sols too. Crap for torque and imo way overpriced. Also comes in the Civic Type-R B16B variation and puts down 185hp 118tq, but is even more costly then the B16A and same crappy torque. B16a is about $1200 CAD and the B16B I have no idea I'd never even bother to look...

B18C1 (GSR) engine is 170hp 128tq -- From an Integra GSR, its a great engine at 1.8 litre makes good torque amd hp stock. Little higher in the price range then most B-series engines but for good reason. Also comes in the Integra Type-R B18C5 195hp 130tq variation. C1 $2500-3K CAD and C5 around $4k CAD

B18B non-vtec 142hp 127tq -- From the Integra LS/GS/RS its a non-vtec but still a 1.8 litre and with a VTEC (B16) head, high compression, cams, it can make very good numbers 200+ whp which is called an LS/VTEC. Cheap at $600-$800 CAD

B20B non-vtec 126hp 133tq -- From the Honda CR-V. Again, add a VTEC head and some high compression pistons, cams, you can havearound 230whp. Redline is 6300 rpm so dont plan on revving it like the B16. Very cheap at $500-$700 CAD

H22A DOHC VTEC 200hp 163tq -- From Preludes. Can be a great N/A engine and has crazy torque. Cable tranny will require you to install a Prelude shifter box in your Civic. Cheap at about $1500 CAD

K20A DOHC i-VTEC 200-220hp 150-160tq -- K20A has a 6-speed tranny and uses i-VTEC. GREAT ENGINE. Will cost you lots at $6,000 CAD for the engine alone.

Anyway, the prices may be different at other places.

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Default RE: Engine Swap

I have a question about that... If you get a JDM h22a with hydro tranny, do you still need the prelude shift box? Sorry to thread jack... but I was thinking of swapping an h22a or f20b into my EK sedan...
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