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Hello everyone-

I'm new here...just picked up a 91 Civic Hatch the other day I plan on turning into my next project...

When I'm diriving it, it seems like the entire motor moves when I either accelerate or let of the gas quickly...

The entire shifter stick will pull forward when I step on the gas...

Is this normal? If not...what would be causing this...

Thanks in advance,
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Default RE: Quick Question

worn engine mounts my friend. A little movement is normal, but a lot of it is just that...worn mounts.
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yep, it's your motor mounts. you can fill them up with polyurethane. here's how:

first you buy some poly glue. you can get this at lowe's or home depot. it was like $5.

then you put it in the mount (i had duck tape on the back side so it wouldn't squeeze through).

don't remove the tape for 24-48 hours when the glue is finally dry. i didn't wait and ripped the tape off after 12 hours. i ended up ripping the somwhat dry skin off the poly. the wet poly was underneath and not dry yet. so be patient and wait!

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Default RE: Quick Question

Okay, thanks a lot for the responses and the pitcures.

It isn't really THAT much...but you can just notice it a bit...not to where the entire car is jerking aroung...the stick just moves a bit, to where you notice, and if you let of the gas to quickly is sort of acts like you are in a too low of gear at too high of RPMs...sort of...hard to explain..

How difficult of a job would you rate this? 1-10

I'm not all that car saavy but I am slowly learning from my dad..He isn't a mechanic but he has worked on all of my vehicles..

Give that skill...he can and has changed about every part on a vehicle I have owned...

How long, and once again, how hard do you think this would be for him..

PS...Is there any way to do this without removing the engine?

Thanks again,
Old 10-01-2006, 12:52 PM
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this is not a hard job to do. you don't need to take out the engine, just the driverside and pass side mount, and the front tranny mount. you can either do it one by one or place a jack under the engine and take all 3 mounts out. i say about 1.5 hrs for everything. that's taking off the mounts, and filling them up w/ polyurethane.
Old 10-02-2006, 06:16 PM
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I haven't taken these out yet...but what do you mean exactly by filling them?

Will they be cracked and I can stretch and fill the cracks? In the picture it just looks like the poly is applied over the crack or whatever is under it.

I found a bolt that was backed out right below the manifold and tightened it...still no luck..

Do all the mounts have that rubber bushing or whatever it is or just that one? By looking the the Haynes Manual it makes it look like only one of them even has that rubber thing.

Is it for sure the motor mounts or could it just be the Trans Axle mount? It rums fine in 4th but if I am in say 2nd..and let of the gas the thing bucks....

Is there any way you could send me that link to where you found those pictures or are those pictures yours?

PS...Hari. Do you have any rear tail light lens for the 91 hatch? I need just about all of them...let me know

Thanks again everyone,
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