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Default 1996 1997 civic emissions warranty 14 years

OK first off hello and THANKS.

why thanks? because this web sight saved me alot of money.

2 weeks ago I baught a 97 Civic four door 1.6 auto for a commuter. got it real cheap because it had a cracked exhaust manifold which is one piece with the Catalytic Converter

i got on ebay to buy a one piece exhaust manifold and cat. but i only found 2 piece units at first. so i got on this web sight to research one piece versus 2 piece manifold/cats.

thats when i found out (on this sight) that honda had to extend its emissions warranty on 96 and 97 civics and others. i believe because the obdII wasnt working correctly.

later that day i got on the horn with my dealer.
apperantly in a law suit settlement they had to extend the warranty to 14 years on emissions.

because my car had a one piece cat/manifold the manifold was covered.

but if the manifold was seperate from the cat it would not be covered

this warranty PACKAGE included the cat/both o2 sensors/plugs/cap/rotor/wires/ and an oil change .and i got a free loaner car for the day
well over $1200 in value!!

im sure this subject was beaten to death at one time, but i thaught it was a good idea to bring it up

btw when i called honda the person i spoke to told me he didnt know of the extension he said he would look into it and call me back. and he did 5 minutes later.

and my car did not have check engine light on.

i just had to bring my car in to confirm i had the one pice manifold/cat.

hope this helps someone out


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Sweet story.
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Angry 150,00 mile warranty, cracked exhaust manifold, A-pipe, o2 sensor

Victims of dealer fraud, GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!

To all owners of 1995, 1996, and 1997 Hondas except Passport:

1) The EPA - Honda settlement extends 8/80,000 warranty to 14/150,000 per consent decree in 1998.

2) See "Honda Service Bulletin 98-081" for details. Google it.

3) The consent decree and press release can be found at
"American Honda Motor Company Clean Air Act Settlement" 1998. A link to the consent decree is on page 2.
See pages 10, 11, and Appendix "B" for details. It also lists the models, parts, and labor covered.

4) It covers fuel tank, fuel system, intake, many, many sensors including o2, exhaust manifold,
catalytic converter, A-pipe (front), gaskets, etc.

5) It also covers a free change of spark plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, oil filter, and oil change plus all labor.

6) The service bulletin lists the hours Honda pays your dealer to do the work.
If your dealer charged you, he/she probably charged you a lot more. Go get your money back!!

7) The service does not need to be done at your dealer, but can be refunded by your Honda dealer.
They will charge Honda corporation. See your warranty manual or Google a copy online.
The manual has several pages on this, especially California.

8) The settlement covers an estimated 1,600,000 vehicles.
If dealers are cheating on even a small percent of these, this is fraud in the 100's of millions of dollars.
I have contacted the EPA and they are investigating.
Honda dealers are going to be in deep do-do if they don't go through their records and start sending out checks to the people they cheated.
This is FEDERAL LAW. The feds can shut them down!!!
The EPA would love the PR from this one. Clean Air, Consumer Fraud, big company abuse, victimizing the owners...

9) You can look at the part numbers from your receipt and drawings at www.hondapartscheap.com

10) If you get a refund, please share part of it with a charity. I want nothing in return for this advice.
I did my reseach ahead of time, so I got mine covered fully, after hours of research and negotiating with the fraudulent dealer.
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