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can a civic beat a supra

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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

man that Midwest civic video is the reason Id never think of buying a Supra
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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

a civic can beat a supra in mpg
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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

ORIGINAL: lilcoope7

can a civic beat a supra
At what? In a straight line, most stock Supras could walk most stock Civs. In tight slalom-type turns a stock Civ Si would probably have an edge over aheavier car like most stock Supras.

You can build almost any car to beat almost any other car at something though, as was stated before. Even stock vehicles are sometimes offered in weird niche models that you wouldn't have picked out of a crowd otherwise. Look at the tons-o-fun GMC Typhoon, the Ford Lightning, or eventhe Buick GNx.Look at NASCAR. They're racing Camrys and stuff for cryin' out loud. Heck, I built acarbed I6 Jeep CJ that would spin 33s through 2nd gear without NOS, forced induction, or messing with internals. It even got better mileage than my MPI 4cyl Wrangler on 31s.A buddy built a 304ci CJ5 that could pull wheelies...when he wasn't blowinghis stock drivetrain to smithereenies. (He messed with internals a bit. That V8 was only rated for like 150HPstock.) On the economy side, Ford and Toyota have hybrid SUVs that can get better mileage than some Civics while oneeven has like a 3500lb towing capacity.

From the factory, the aforementioned cars are built for different purposes. The Civ suits my current purposes better than most cars out there. Stock for stock, most Supras are built to be faster straight-line cars than mostly-economical Civics.That said, my Civic sedandoesn't even have VTEC and it easily goesfaster down the interstate than my 4 or 6cylJeeps.It can also get almost 3x the gas mileage at 75MPH, which is the highest confirmed speed limit I know of in the U.S. (BTW, There's a highschool kid who built an AWDCherokee to get even better mileage than my Civ!)When the roadsget wet/icy, as they often are here,even a built 5L ponycar doesn't have much chance of beating a stock 4WD across an intersection from a dead stop. In the snow, you can barely pull a RWD car away from the curb on the crowned streets around here. Something as underpowered as a stock Samurai could embarass most speed demons for better than half of the year here. Heck, my buddy's stock Hemi Grand Cherokee could do the same...while pulling his 6000lb boat. Different vehicles serve different functions. For a zippy commuter, I'd prefer the Civic over most other cars. It has more than enough pep for my needs, can be driven in most weather with stock tires,and gets better mileage than even a lot of the newer so-called "economy" cars (Versa, Yaris, and even Honda's Fit). How many other bone-stock vehicles can easily hit 100MPH, top 35MPG, handle 5 ppl, and yetbe cheaply modified for autoX on the weekends?

If I wanted to go crazy fast, I'd ride a sportbike. Most cars that normal people can afford aren't even close in acceleration or top-end.Most super-exotic cars are slow compared to a decent sportbike too, so I'm not much concerned about what a Civic "beats" as long as I can easily pass in traffic when neededand it comfortably gets where I need to go without beingsuper-costlytooperate.Now that I think about it, evena 'Busa could probably best the Civ in mileage. I'm considering the other end of the bike spectrum though...economy and minimalist adventure touring,with a 250-400cc dualsport bike so I can handle rough roads and possibly evensnow. Can you say "70+MPG and >$200/yr for insurance"?
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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

When I get my car done, I'm gonna run a local rich bitch who drives daddy's 420whp Supra around. Should tear him a new hole while I'm at it.
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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

^ Lol make sure u laught at him while ur at it
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Default RE: can a civic beat a supra

my mate has a 3litre turbo supra and my civic vti beats it to an easy 70 mph so it is possible. you need to remember they are big engined cars but are still very heavy!!!

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