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Default RE: Civic?

It has 64k mi. Also it was driven mostly be an old lady sinse her son was in basic training. I can also get for 8k instead of 9. I think I am going to get this, but my eye will always be on the civic. I might get one later or when I make more money. I scrap copper to make money.( I put in my application everywhere!!!). I make $3.75 a pound and I have about a ton more to bring in. So I guess the wallet hurting isnt soooo bad. Also the pictures are tiny because if I made them bigger the file would be too big. Peace XD. Oh and if I buy the Evo I will keep it sorry dudes.
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Default RE: Civic?

forty, is that your subie???
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Default RE: Civic?

Even though i own a civic, i love the WRX STi's over the EVO's but i would not pass up the oppurtunity to get one for cheap, unless the owner thrashed the frig out of it. But since an old lady was driving it, it probably never even had the chance to reach a quarter of it's max boost pressure. BUY IT NOW!!!! Get a loan, sell your body...who cares, just get it.
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Default RE: Civic?

ORIGINAL: my05civic

forty, is that your subie???

Seriously, an Evo for 8k should not even be a decision, just do it
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Default RE: Civic?

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Toss the VIN to your insurance agent and get a quote. Throw the VIN out to CarFax and get a report. If it all checks out, buy it, clean it up, sell it, buy the Civic, and pocket any leftover profit for mods or insurance.
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Default RE: Civic?

wat i would do if i was in your sitution. sell it for 20k or something. then buy a nice ek. put a gsr engine and whatever else you want on it. then the rest put in a savings account to then later pay for college which as we all know is expensive

EVO= bad mpg, high insurance

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