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Intake, Header, & Exhaust Comparisons

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Default Intake, Header, & Exhaust Comparisons

The following thread is to be used as a guide to help fellow users decide on which intake, header, and/or exhaust they would be best spending their money on. I would like to get this as long as possible. If you do not see your mod on this list or would like me to add/change something on here, PM me with your modification(s) and review following more or less the following format. I would like these to be as un-biased as possible so the reader can make up his/her desicion based upon what they want (sound, performance, ect.). I will give users credit for their reviews. Oh yeah...sound clips of exhausts would be nice...but are not required. Thanks a lot!



AEM V2 Short Ram Intake:price-between 200 and 300 dollars. worth every penny, noticeable HP gains, but nothing crazy, excellent sound, almost like an exhaust but softer, screams at 5-7000 rpms.
Thanks to 05BlueEX

AEM V2 CAI style Intake: price-between 200 and 300 dollars. If you can afford the price tag you will not be sorry. Power gain was verry noticeable, throttle has alot better response, excellent sound, from 3000+ RPMs it has a nice roaring sound, alot of people thing you have an aftermarket exhaust.
Thanks to Savatage

AEM SRI:price-about 75 shipped on ebay. it gets the job done. dont expect the huge gains at all, the biggest difference is the sound. a nice addition though, i highly recommend it if your not wanting to spit out 200+ for the cai.
Thanks to 97_nw

K&N FIPK:price-$160 on ebay. Easy to install ~35 min. has a shroud around the filter to block some of the heat. Probably not as good as a CAI but you don't have to go in to the fender well to install/clean the filter. Might be better than the SRIs out there because of the shroud. MUCH louder. Excellent fitment.
Thanks to jjouet

Weapon R Dragon SRI:price-$102.67. Great sound, better throttle response and some decent gains. The car seemed to ride smoother. Installation took about 15 minutes, the instructions would be helpful for a first time user. I've put in about 6 intakes for my friends and such, but this has to be the best one yet and the only one to come with instructions. The intake came with: Dragon Filter, Pipe, 2 Silicone hoses, 3 clamps, License plate cover, Weapon R Decals, 2 silicon connectors, instruction printout and weapon r catalog.
Thanks to 2DHX

Bomz Racing CAI:price-about $45 w/ shipping. Ebay. I got a red filter/sleeves/hose, aluminum clamps/mount, two unpainted metal pipes 2.5" diameter as a replacement to my jdm 3" warm air in the filter has an inverted cone shape on the top of it for max air flow takes about 15 mins to install if you already have stock out. screwdriver is the only tool needed to tighten the clamps.
Thanks to SkItZiAnIsT

Option Racing Short-Ram Intake: 92-95 Civic (Installed on D15B7), Price- ~$30 on eBay with shipping. The Option Racing SRI comes with a blue rubber fitting and PCV hose, mount bracket and a red filter that looks like a ripoff of a K&N. It installs easily, although there are absolutely no directions. Since this is Intake #2 I did a better job with zip-tieing it in. The biggest difference in the car is the noise! You hear the air hissing through the big pipe at idle, but when you put the boot down, the engine emits a very deep roar that goes straight through your bones. I reckon it adds a couple HP at the last thousand RPMs, but it is not enough to notice a difference. When driving in rain, it won't really suck up water, but the filter is sitting over the space between the transmission housing and the fender wall, which can get the bottom of it wet with big puddles. A splash guard is a recommended install as well, since I have noticed that the bottom of the filter gets wet with a big splashdown.
Thanks to Impreza WRX

INJEN RS CIA: price- $200. Nice sound a bit of a pain to install if it is your first time. Sound difference (deep) about 2000-4000 RPM's and a clean scream sound about 5000-6000 RMPs . A nice CIA that turns some heads not ricey sounding....almost like an exhaust....not much of apower difference until the top end but worth the $200.00
Thanks to tknaub


DC Sports One Piece 4-1 Polished Stainless Steel Header:price-between 250 and 400 dollars. the best kind they make for my engine, many different styles and finishes for different rides. excellent header, noticeable gains, easy install
Thanks to 05BlueEX

DC Sports 4-2-1price-$265 on ebay no detectable noise difference, excellent low-mid power improvement. I race a guy i work with regularly and I couldn't hold him with the intake. The headers make it a race and he gets me by a fender. That's about as objective as it gets. These things work, they're quiet and a big bang for the buck. 45 min. install.
Thanks to jjouet

Hedman/Chikara 4-2-1 header: price-around $135. Lowest pricing for a a quality header. Not as good as a DC however, for the price its a decent header. Made out of steel. DOT approved.
Thanks to Remmy

Additional D-series Header Comparisons:


APEXi World Sport 2 Catback Exhaust:price-400-500 dollarsunbeatable sound, very noticeable hp gains, quiet at low rpms, roars at highs... the 2 best in my opinion are the Greddy EVO2 and the WS2...I heard both plenty of times and the WS2 sounds 10 times better than the EVO2...
Thanks to 05BlueEX

GReddy Evo II:price-i paid about 470 for it. a GREAT exhaust, the sound is very deep and quiet from the inside. not an annoying sound @ all nice sound throughout the whole range. only downer is the rust but i live in the northwest so that is the weather.
Thanks to 97_nw
Evo2 Sound Clips/Videos:
outside rev
20-60mph Pull
Thanks to fastman90 for these sound clips
Rev's and takeoff
Thanks to 01civicEX for this sound clip

PIT (Performance Import Trends) Exhaust:price- $375 on sale. I started unbolting the old stock system and started getting the PIT sytem put on and then I noticed the system was going to require some major refabrication work, made me very mad. So paying the local muffler shop to re-fabricate the system it was finally installed. Some of the refabricating consisted of making some of the bends sharper to fit and also lengthening the hangers. So $100 later it was on and on right. After drivng the car it sounds aweseome. It has a nice throaty sound to it. Not to mention a pretty healthy power gain Im going to say anywhere from 5-8 going on a guesstimation
Thanks to sandrider123

Megan Racing Drift Spec Cat-back: price- I paid $354. I couldnt find a better deal. Its $380 on Megans site. It comes with a silencer because it is really loud. It sounds good without the silencer, it just gets annoying on the freeway. This exhaust has a really nice deep throaty sound. Their site claims 10-15, but I would say 7-10. There is no raspinness at all. This is one of the cheapest name brand catbacks you will find, and its definately worth it.
Thanks to blackmetal619

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