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Default Custom Sun Visors

well i decided to get off my butt for a few mins and cut apart my sunvisors...

actualy was lot simplier than i thought!!!!

use a razor blade to cut the joint on the visors fabric.

and then simple OPEN the visor.

use a small screw driver to pull the clips off the visors flap and the clips just fall out the back.

TWO WAYS TO SEPERATE the small bezel and mirror. another way i just thought about is after opening the visor use a small dremel to cut off the melted tip on the back.
you can kinda see the small platic melted tabs along the top.

second way is, i used a small screw driver to slightly pry off the inner bezel.
BE CAREFULL pry to far and the actual bezel snaps like mine did WOOPS o well no big deal alittle drop of epoxy should make it look perfect again... i also plan on painting the bezel and flap also gunmetal to match later on.
and i MIGHT replace the mirrors in mine since they dont look that clean anyways... just an idea. the mirrors just lay there. so once the bezel is removed it will fall right out.

to remount the little bezel will hopefully just take alittle 5min epoxy to run down into the holes to lock the bezel inplace again.... just dont forget to put the mirror back inplace before glueing it


now simply open trace the fabric ruffly an inch or two larger and spray glue it just like the headliner. spray both the sunvisor and new fabric and let sit for afew mins before puting together.
then just glue the tabs over like like your original fabric was. and either make small cuts for the bezels tabs to go thru OR LEAVE IT AS IS and delete the whole mirror assembly...

and reinstall the center clip as well.
then cut the fabric back so its only inside the visors backing maybe an inch or half inch. and then use some kinda of glue to hold the visors back together and simply put the glue/epoxy rufflyright next to your cut fabric on the cardboard backing and just close the visors and put a book or something heavy ontop of the visor while the glue dries. best to leave it on the visor for awhile to let the glue dry fully.... otherwise the glue might not be totaly firm and might try to open the visor crack some.
and IMO if your using a thin material, it should be best to glue the visor together the day after you glue the fabric to it... that way the glue will be firm on it and the stock foam so when you press the visor back together that the glue wont be forced thru the thin material making it hard to the exterior.

i havent glued mine yet... i have to go buy some more epoxy. so no pictures done yet.

turns out the visors is alot easier than it looks
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