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Here are some informative articles put together by some of our members and staff. Feel free to contact me, of any member of the staff with further questions!

Cheap mods for newbies, by 90Civtegra
Looking to get into the tuner world? Heres a list of some stuff you can do to your car that isnt to expensive and not really considered "rice" (lack of a better term).

First thing: Register at (if you havent already). You can find anything and everything you want for your car on there. My car itself was bought of eBay (of course it was a stock hatchback back then )

Exhaust: Cheapest way to get cat-back exhaust is to get yourself a muffler off eBay ($20 - $60 for no name brands) and take it to your local exhaust shop and tell them you want this muffler put on with 2 inch or 2 1/4 inch (wouldnt go any larger then 2 1/4 on a NA car) piping from the catalyic convertor back. Grand total should be around $150 instead of a $600 Greddy bolt on cat back, just remember you get what you pay for.

Cold Air Intake (CAI): Once again eBay! You can get an off brand for $40 - $75. Easy to install yourself. If you have any problems installing it there are plenty of people on here to help you out. Grand total: $40 - $75 instead of $250 AEM CAI, just remember you get what you pay for!

Lowering: Can you guess? Yup, eBay! Universal coil-overs $50 - $120. Not too difficult to install yourself WITH the proper tools (SPRING COMPRESSOR!!!) again if you need help installing, plenty of people on here to help you out. Grand total: $50 - $200 (if installing yourself) instead of $350 for Ground Controls, just remember you get what you pay for!

This should get you started. There are endless options to modding your car. eBay isnt always they way to go but it is usually your best bet. Try to buy from a seller that is a company so your less likely to get screwed over.

Also remember that Greddy, Skunk2, Eibach, DCsports, ACT, Exedy, AEM, Brembo, Sparco, etc etc they cost a lot more for a reason, they are better quailty and will last a lot longer. I will always suggest getting the name brand stuff over the cheaper stuff but the stuff I mentioned above is just a good way to get yourself into the turner world and get your head full of some tuner knoweldge.

New Members- Required Reading-Written/Compiled by Street Sniper
[quote]Welcome to HCF. Everyone is new at sometime or another and we all have questions. What I’ll try to do here is cover some of the more common questions that we get from our new members. Also, don’t be afraid to use the search button located at the top of every page. You will be surprised how much you can learn from reading previous posts and responses. Almost any question you have has probably already been asked and answered by some of the best Civic people you are likely to come across. With that being said, don’t be shy with questions or posts, nobody is going to “flame” you or make you feel like an outsider. You won’t find a more civil forum anywhere and you’ll probably get as many welcomes as responses.

Q: What's the best/first thing I can do to my Civic to make it faster or improve the performance?

I believe the first thing anyone should do with a bone stock car is give it lungs. Put on an aftermarket air intake, either cold air or short ram. Then change out your header and get a good exhaust system. The better your car breathes the better it runs
- Omen68

I recommend starting out with a cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, then a header and high-flow cat..."
- 90Civtegra

Lol, what good is it to modify an engine if it can't breath right?

exhaust and headers are where most of your gains will be."
if you dont want to be loud and noticeable, then you want the Greddy EVO2 (which seems to be the favorite around here.). its nice and quiet, and makes a decent amount of power. on a sohc, it should give about 7-8hp. along with a CAI, header, and a high quality high-flow catalytic convertor, you should see nearly 15-25 hp(depending on the condition of your particular motor.).
these prices should get you some decent quality stuff. check out ebay.
- Sacicons

--My $0.02- Stick with quality brands that have a good track record. They cost a bit more but are worth it. If you can't afford new stuff check out e-bay. Used parts are a great way to stretch your budget. Wondering about a certain brand? Or who's the best? Do a search.

Q: What swap should I put in my car? What's a "Mini-Me" and is it right for me?

A: Swap Info Including what motor you have, how many Hp it has, and Sacicons write up of his opinions on the different motors.

Got a D series non V-Tec motor and want more punch? The Mini-Me head swap may be just the thing you are looking for.

Q: Which one is better? A turbo or a Supercharger?

There are pros and cons for both turbos and superchargers... its just deciding which will work best with your set up.
Definately, a s/c is easier and less complex. If you want reliability then go with a supercharger.
Like i've said before. I have owned both an find a s/c'd car alot more fun to drive. Yes my Turbo was alot quicker, but took alot more money and time as well.

personally, i like turbos better than SC on hondas because:
1. theres more aftermarket support. yeah, theres a ton for SCs too, but nothing compared to turbos.
2. turbos are easier to manipulate to your needs.
3. turbos CAN raise your efficiency enough to increase your fuel efficiency more than an SC, because they are driven by wasted energy, instead of crank energy.
4. FWD cars tend to have traction problems, esp light ones like hondas. that low-end torque often ends up as tire smoke.

there's a good chance you'll run into traction problems with a SC (in a FF 4 banger) unless you ride the clutch like a ten dollar hooker.

It seems to me that this all depends entirely on your driving habits. If you never go to the strip, but like the occasional "race till the speed limit" at a stoplight, a supercharger is probably the way to go. But, if you go to the drag stip a lot and plan to run low 1/4 mile times, a turbo is probably the way to go. Note this is strictly for Civics here. Taking into account the build of the Honda engine and the final drive ratio, a supercharger just isn't going to give you power where you need it. When you are dragging, you spend probably about 5% of the time in the launch and below 4000 rpm in a civic. This is why turbo civics do so well, because the turbos will put the power where you drive during most of the race. In the end, it all matters who crosses the finish line first. Nobody is going to give you props for keeping ahead for the first 100 ft.

My $0.02 - I read a lot of threads on this subject and it's a pretty heated debate with no clear winner. A couple of the highlights were: A supercharger is cheaper and an easier install and is more reliable as a daily driver with instant power. Because a turbo takes a moment to spool up, it creates more "useable" power where a Civic needs it, in the higher RPM's. And lastly, both make really cool noises.

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