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Need major help HCF !!!

Old 06-22-2009, 01:24 PM
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Default Need major help HCF !!!

sup eveyone, i recently did a trani swap, and b4 the swap my idle air control valve was acting up by making the rpm's go from 1000 to 2500,so i disconnected the plug and ran it like that , then the swap came into place, removing the auto to a manual.

i had almost all the parts sept for the manual ecu,but that was okay untill last night where i decided to de-grease my engine bay, so i covered the distributor in a plastic bag, spayd the degreaser n rinsed it out with water, i started the car up to dry n it was fine.

about 3 hours later the engine started misfiring and it sounded like i had something traped in the exhaust system, needless to say i lookd at my car because the check engine light started flashing, so i toke a peak under the car and the cat was glowing bright red!

today i went to insert a stright pipe hoping that would make all my problems go away but it didnt, i got my check engine light read n this is what i got, a LOT more then what i expected...

p0133- intake air temp circuit high input
p0300- randome/multiple cyclinder misfire detected
p0303- cylinder 3 misfire detected
p0304- cylinder 4 misfire detected
p1399- wait to start lamp circuit
p1506- iav circuit failure

these are from the auto trani...
p1706- automatice transaxle concerns
p1768- automatice transaxle concerns
p1753- automatice transaxle concerns

any input would be great right now, what should i do,who should i go to, is my engine gone?? im stuck 2 state away from nyc might i add lol the list goes on ...
Old 06-22-2009, 05:12 PM
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sup everyone,so the wash did a lilttle more then i expected, my distributor cap was pretty old, so water vapor started to creep inside, the pins inside the distributor lots contact and the spark wasnt really geting to the spark plug.

So now the engine is filling up with exra fuel and when the spark plug would fire it would get coated with a nice carbon coating, untill the spark plug failed.

i could of cleaned the spark plugs up but it be best to buy new ones,so needless to say i bought a new cap n rotor, new wires and new spark plugs, the car started up perfect and all the 10 codes sept the trani codes where gone.

what u guys think of my little problem n the solution we found, i was kinda buging out since im far from home and hada miss work today lol,but good thing we fixed it . anyone else had a similar problem ?
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So am I understanding that you did an auto to manual swap but don't have the manual ECU yet? If so, that's where your CEL codes are coming from and you're probably fine until you get the right ECU.

About the misfiring, that sounds about right. Swapped the major ignition parts to fix the misfire? Probably the best thing since the dizzy was old anyways.
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