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Pedal Set Installation

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Default Pedal Set Installation

For starters, Just like before, I am not responsible if you mess up your car. This is a guide and nothing else. O.K. now that the CYA stuff is out of the way.

Tools list:

Metal Shears
Metal Punch
Drill bits
Pop rivets and gun ((You can just used self tapping screws if you don't have a pop rivet gun.))
Metal files
Big C-clamps
Alcohol wipes
Steel wool ((if you want that brushed aluminum look))
Felt tip markers ((Sharpies work great))
A few scap blocks of wood.
A wheel block
Leather gloves((Don't be an idiot and not wear them))
Nitrile gloves

Now the supplies you will need:

A few sheets of newspaper
A sheet of computer paper.
A piece of artists charcoal.
One sheet of aluminum. 8" X 18"((You can get it at Homedepot for under $10))
Grip Tape((Home depot, local skate board shop))
((Self tapping screws, if you don't already have them))
One hour of your time.

Here is most of what you should have to do this job:

First things first. Find a good sturdy table. Cover it with some of the newspaper. Tape it down around the edges. Now Go out to your car and pull off the rubber covers from the brake and clutch pedal.((If you drive an auto, just the brake)) We are only doing the brake and clutch right now, so leave the gas pedal alone for now. Now back inside. Trace the pedal covers onto the aluminum. Like this:

Now use your shears to cut them out. Like this:

((When you are using shears make sure that you don't cut all the way to the end of the shears. Try to keep you cutting to the middle of the shears blades. If you cut all the way to the end, you will get a dent in the metal you are cutting.))

Now that you have them cut out use your hands and the edge of the table to bend the pedal cover to fit the shape of the rubber cover. Start by letting about 1/4" hang over the side of the table. Press down slightly on it. Then let a little more hang over and press down on it. Repeat until you reach the end of the cover. Take you tiem with this step. You don't want to bend it more than you have to. Just go slow and check your bend often. It should look like this when you have it right:

Now that you should have a rough edge all around the cover. Take you file and clamp it to the table. Then round the edges of the cover like this:

((I did not clamp my file down because I work with metal all the time, but you will be able to control how much you take off of the metal better if you clamp it down.))

Then unclamp the file and smooth out any parts that are rough. Again take your time on this step.

Now, aluminum is fairly smooth and does not grip all too well. So we are going to need some grip tape. ((Like the stuff you see on steps or skateboards.)) This is what I used:

You can cut out a design or just put a strip of it. ((Skate shops should have a good selection of colors to choose from)) Just get creative. Find some theme in your car and try to match it. ((Flames, lighting bolts, etc...)) I just cut out a design that matches one of my tattoos. ((I couldn't think of anything else. Also, if you get sick of the design, you can pull it off and do another one after a few months.

Here is what mine look like at this step:

((I messed up and drilled the hole too far to the outside edge. Be more careful than me))

Now to do the gas pedal. Take a sheet of paper and the charcoal out to the car. Lay the sheet of paper over the gas pedal and rub the charcoal over it. This should give you a rubbing of the pedal. ((Just like when a tombstone rubbing)) Now carefully cut out the shape of the pedal. Check the fit after you cut it out and make sure it fits like you want it too. Now transfer that to the aluminum. Just do the rest of this one like the other two.
So now we need to attach them to the pedals on the car.

Hold the cover up to the pedal, and eyeball where the holes should go. Mark those spot with a Sharpie. Now drill the holes in the cover. ((TAKE YOUR TIME HERE!!! You only get one shot to get it right.)) I used one of the wood scraps under the cover to drill into.

Put the wheel block behind the pedal to support it. That way the pedal does not get pressed down when you are drilling it. Like this:

Hold up the cover and mark the pedal with a Sharpie. Now put the cover down and drill through one of the holes.((DON'T drill all of them at this step.)) Grab your cover and rivet or screw it through the hold you just drilled. Then using the cover as the guide drill and fasten the remaining holes. Doing them one at a time will make sure that all of them line up right. Now repeat for the remaining pedals and your done.

Here are some pics of the finished product:

Hope you can use this info. PM me some pics if you try this. Also if you have any questions PM me and I will try to help.

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