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Default Stuck electrical connector/ no start suggestions?

I have a 1993 Honda Civic LX. It did not start the other morning and I have determined that it is not getting any spark. So, I changed the plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. Still no start. So I decided to just get a whole new distributor (rather than replace the coil and/or igniter module). So I bought a distributor for remanufactured $175 (non-returnable). Now, I can't get the damn electrical connector to come apart to disconnect the old one. I know this sounds extremely trivial but this has been very frustrating. I soaked it in "liquid wrench," pried at it with a flathead screwdriver, and even had one of my friends try to disconnect it with no success.

So. . . any suggestions? I'd be happy to hear if anyone else has had this problem. The connector probably hasn't been separated since the car was made (14 years old).

Also, any suggestions about the no-start would be appreciated. The car turns over, the pistons are moving up and down, I can hear the fuel pump.
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Default RE: Stuck electrical connector/ no start suggestions?

You have to unclip the connector from the metal bracket first. Then press the other lever on the connector and pull it apart. They have an interlock and will not come apart while clipped to the metal bracket. This goes for almost all the connectors under the hood.
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