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Hey Guys,
I'm new to Honda Civic Forum. I'm currently in the processes of purchasing a new Civic EX sedan. Where I live (NYC) the cost of the car is 18810!!!! but if I do a search down in texas its 17700!!! About a 1100 dollar difference. I have a few friends down in texas already and this would be a great opportunity for me to fly down and visit and also purchase the car at a more reasonable price. I'm not trying to evade any taxes since I will be claim NY state sales tax. What I was wondering is if anyone has any experience with purchasing a car out of state. Will I have an issue with registering the car Title/Tag/Registration?
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Welcome to the forum! THat sounds reasonable to me. I dont think you will have problems registering. If you are buying from a dealer they should be able to help you and get you through it very easily.
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Welcome to HCF!!! I agree with Remmy, you shouldn't have a problem if the dealer knows what he's doing.
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welcome to the forum[sm=hiya.gif]dont forget to get the navigation system for a option
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Default RE: NEW TO HCF

Welcome aboard. Like ^those guys said, registration shouldn't be a problem
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Dont do it. It is a huge pain in the ***. I went out of state just to find the color I wanted and it turned into a huge headache. The registration part was the worst. I went to the DMV at least twice a month for 8 months. Even if the registraition process goes smoothly for you it is a lot harder to get great service from a dealer you didnt buy from. If something happens with the car and you need dealer help, you local dealer will help you but if you buy from them they will more likely bend over backwards for you.

I would go into the local dealer and tell them you are thinking of buying in Texas because of the price, bring and show proof, and then see if they will lower the price. Dont be afraid to walk away from the dealer and try again another day. SOmetimes they will deal and sometimes they wont. WHen I bought my Lancer they knocked 3k off cause after an hour of talking and no budging I said the price was still to high and we got up and left. They stopped us in my car as we were pulling out of the dealership.
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LEVIII what were the reasons for going to the DMV?
I just spoke to dealer in texas who said I can drive the car back to NYC and register. Do they they need to contact someone from the dealership when I register at the DMV?
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Actually, if you want it bad enough, I would contact the dealer in Texas and tell them you will purchase it from them, but they have to have it ready for you to pick up from the dealer in NYC.
If the Texas dealer wants the sale bad enough, they'll do it. All they need to do is arrange with Honda to ship a new one to the NYC dealer for you instead of Texas.

It can't hurt to try, and make sure you keep insisting. Don't give up after 1 "no".
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i bought my civic out of state. there is just as much work with buying it in state,make sure the dealer you bought it from knows our registering it out of state so you get everything you need(just in case). just drive it back to where ever you live. take it to your DVM or BMV, which ever you register around you, and give them the title and everything just like you bought the car down the street. thre is no contact to texes needed or anything like that. they could care less where the car was before, just as long as the title has the original owners sig. and yours and whatever information filled out.
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Default RE: NEW TO HCF

Welcome to the forum!!!!
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