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Default Ignition Timing Adjustment

Setting Timing by Street Sniper

Ok, I know this is pretty basic, but there was a time when I didn't know how to set my own timing and some people may be shy to ask. Sooo......

First things first. Bring your car up to normal operating temperature. If you don't it will throw the timing off when it does warm up. The 5/8ths tank of gas is optional.

Now, go under you dash under the glove box by the door jamb and find these two connectors.

Here is the other end of them.

The one you want is on the right; the two pin one. Jump the two wires with a paperclip or something. I use an old piece of wire that I keep in the passenger door handle. This will throw a CEL. It's supposed to so dont' freak out. If you dont' do this the ECU will just correct your changes.

Ok, now get your timing light out (you knew you needed a timing light didn't you?) and hook it to the #1 cylinder plug wire. That's the one closest to the crank. I got this one from AutoZone for like 30 bucks or something. Totally worth it and a must have in any tuner's toolbox.

There are three bolts holding the distributor. Loosen all three but dont' back them out all the way. We are just turning it, not taking it off.

Look down at your crank pulley with the timing light going on it. There are three score marks. I have heard that they are colored but mine is so old and dirty that they aren't anymore. I colored them for your viewing pleasure. Red is stock timing; 16 degrees before top dead center (16* btdc). This is where most of us should be. The white is advanced 2* and the yellow is retarded (hee hee) 2*. Line your mark up with that reference sight that I have circled. Make sure you try to look straight down over it otherwise you could get a parallax view. Obviously my timing is waaaayyy of in the pic. This was when I was doing my timing belt. It was the only time I could get a good shot of the marks on the pulley.

To adjust the timing, just tap the dizzy one way or the other until your mark is lined up. I do believe counter-clockwise is advancement.

Ok, now that it's set perfectly, just tighten the three dizzy bolts back up and remove your jumper. Make sure to recheck the timing after you tighten your bolts down, sometimes the dizzy will turn with the wrench.

And there you have it.

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