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Default Transmission Fluid Change

How to change your transmission fluid

I did this on a 2000 Civic D16y7 but can be used for different applications

1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools ready.
- Tube to reach from top of your engine bay to your tranny filler hole
- Funnel to attach to the hose so your oil doesn’t go everywhere
-Torque wrench (If you don’t have one doesn’t matter, just do the bolts up tight)
-Ratchet and sockets
-Oil drain pan
-Lots of paper towels
-Some penetrating oil for the bolts that might not be easy to get out
-Transmission fluid (2 liters or 2 quarts is more then enough)

2. Drive your car and get it to normal operating temperature, oil comes out better and easer when it’s warmed up

3. Start by jacking your car up and putting stands on each side (never support your car by only a jack)

4. Get under your car and locate your oil filler and drain bolt. (Labeled on pic)

5. Undue the filler bolt, this can be a pain to get off but don’t give up, you some penetrating oil if it’s not coming loose. Get the oil drain pan ready because some oil will come out the top hole.

6. Undo the drain bolt and let the remaining fluid flow out of the transmission into the drain pan.

7. Wile your waiting for the fluid to drain out, clean up the filler and drain bolt with some paper towels. When the fluid is drained out, put the drain bolt back it. The drain bolt gets torque to 29 foot pounds.(<check your manual)

8. Get your tube (I used an old hose that I cut) and feed it through your engine bay into the filler hole, it should go into the filler hole a little and put your funnel at the top.

9. Now get someone to pour in the tranny fluid from the top wile you go under your car and make sure it’s not leaking out. When the tranny fluid starts coming back out from the filler hole, that means the tranny is full. You can now stop pouring the fluid, take the hose out and reinstall the filler bolt which gets 33 foot pounds or torque.(<check your manual)

10. Clean up the mess on the tranny from the oil coming out and make sure bolts are tight, remove all tools from under and lower the car from the jack stands. Take it for a test drive and be proud of the work you just did, because it would have cost you probably $100 at a mechanic for a 30 minute job you just did yourself wile leaning. After the test drive look under your car for any leeks. Also, wile your under there, check suspension parts, exhaust, and under body of your car for anything wrong.

Good Luck!!! And have fun wile learning



to set pics up right, pic 1 goes under #1 - pic 2 goes under #4 - pic 3,4 goes under #5 - pic 5 goes under #6 - pic 6 goes under #7 - pic 7,8 goes under #8 - pic 9 goes under #9









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