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Quick Strut install

Old 10-19-2011, 08:36 AM
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Default Quick Strut install

Forgive me if I'm in the wrong category.

I will be replacing all four strut/springs on my '93 Civc CX Hatchback and asking anyone who can provide input regarding the complexity of the task. I plan to remove the entire assembly (quick strut) as one and installing the same and what appears to be a simple remove and replace, but not many things are that simple. Will I need spring compressors? Will I need to remove any control arms, ball joints, etc.? Any other tricks, tips or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you
Old 10-19-2011, 09:14 AM
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You will need a spring compressor if you need to re-use your OEM top hats.

Fronts will be easiest IMO. The tops of the fronts are held on by two nuts in the engine bay, and held in the fork/wishbone looking thing on the bottom. I usually, remove the bolt at the top of the fork (bottom of the strut), then loosen the bolt at the bottom of the fork (holding it to the front LCA). That should be enough to allow you to pull the strut/spring assembly out.

The rears may be difficult, depending on the age of your lower control arm bushings. Many cars which I have seen (up in the North East) tend to have the bolt seize in the bushing, snapping the bolt head off. To remove the rears, I suggest removing the LCA's (Rear LCA Replacement DIY 92-00 Civic -, then removing the two nuts located in the car (for the tops). The strut/spring assembly should fall out at this point.

If the bolts in the rear seize, be prepared to spend extra time on this in addition to replacing the bolts/bushings, or the entire control arm itself. 4 out of the 6 on my car seized up. I ended up getting two bottles of MAP gas, heating up the other end of the bolt (opposite side of where you would normally remove the bolt from) until it is glowing orange/red, and then turning it out with a big wrench or pliers.

Make sure to apply a generous amount of anti-seize to any bolt you install to prevent seizing in the future just in case. I have most all suspension bolts covered in anti-seize, same goes for all of my exhaust piping bolts.
Old 10-29-2011, 05:02 AM
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Just as you stated, 99, they are seized. Fortunately, I have an impact driver to use which helped tremendously. Using the driver, torch, some blaster and wax, I was able to remove the nut. Unfortunately, that's all I could remove as the rest of the bolt is spinning with the bushing. I purchased new bolts, but did not purchase new bushings, until now, after the fact. Thus, the project will be on hold until the bushings come in Tuesday.

When you mentioned bushings in your reply, I wasn't sure what bushings you were referring to and originally thought the entire arm and bushing were one. The thought of purchasing another lower arm was shivering since I didn't want to spend the money for two of them. After viewing the parts diagram and realizing I could get the bushing separate, I was relieved. When the new bushings arrive, I won't even bother with the impact driver and will simply cut the bolt off with my Metabo and reinstall the new bushings and new bolts.

I have much anti-seize and plan to use it all if necessary during the install.

Thanks for your advice. It helped me prepare for the task with exception to the new bushings.
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