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Mini Me swap Detail??

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Default Mini Me swap Detail??

Ok ,, new to site but, trying to decide between Mini swap or GSR .. obviously cost is a factor VS final WHP output.. I have a 99 Civic HB DX.. with D16y7.. i have read through the forums and seen details on doing the Y8 head swap,, and i can get this done with Skunk2 ITM and TB plus upgraded fuel system.. all while doing this getting engine machined and dipped with new pistons/rings,, valve springs lifters cam.. etc.. what i am needing to know is once i would go this route..when the swap is done and i am searching for my additional upgrade components to get the machining done .. is this engine now considered a Y8??? also i have the AEM V2 cold air system currently.. can this be modified to fit from new intake manifold ??? or would i need to purchase a whole new intake system to fit.. and to save myself time and money.. being kinda a noob myself on detail engine info,, are the CAMS located in the Y8 head i would be installing?? If so then i could get the cams lifters/valves/springs etc.. all pieced together before i even pull the engine to have it machined...I know im probably asking alot of detail that cant all be answered through forum posts so if anyone has done this or knows what i am looking at total.. please contact me email so i can get info .. would be very much appreciated.. FYI my total goal is 200WHP.. hoping to do all engine work this summer,, IE 3 months .. and next summer i am going to get turbo to bolt on the extra hp im not gonna get through all motor work.. Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can give me quality info .. very much appreciated
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Default RE: Mini Me swap Detail??

If you want only 200HP, i don't think you need to get a GSR. The mini-me might be the better option and you are gonna want to run N/A. This means that your gonna want to go high compression. The cams are going to be on top of the head. So yea, if you buy the head before you install it you can have the valvetrain done before removing the engine for the rebuild. Also look into a port and polish with a valve job. You might end up with more than 200HP. Someone on the forum is running around 200 with a stock motor and a turbo.
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Default RE: Mini Me swap Detail??

ORIGINAL: mentaldis0rder

...are the CAMS located in the Y8 head i would be installing??
ORIGINAL: AgentofDarkness

The cams are going to be on top of the head
cam. SOHC

follow what agent said...hes got the right idea
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Default RE: Mini Me swap Detail??

Ok.. that will save even more money if this can be done all motor as turbo for my GEN is around 4k with fuel system upgrade.. Edited.. i just finally finished reading whole thread on jdmuniverse about all probs and such for MINI.. noticed Civteg? was on there with a bit more info on upgraded parts.. has anyone else on our forum done an upgraded version of the MINI swap without all the problems that i reread through on the original thread from JDMUNI???Like i said,, i was looking to buy all aftermarket parts.. skunk2/aem for everything minus the head itself.. as well as doing a fullover rebuild .. just hoping someone else has already lead the way and can give some pointers.. IE mainly i am concerned about the smog issues as stated on the original thread .. as i also live in PA and have to get this checked and inspected yearly.. a big question now that i am starting to wonder is what is the proper ecu that i should be using .. keeping in mind that my compression and such will be changed and finaly results on my engine will not be anything near that of what the stock ecu was intended to be running..

Thanks again for all the input
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