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should i be worried?

Old 09-22-2007, 06:52 AM
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Default should i be worried?

in the past 2 days i've hit the rev limiter in my 2007 ex coupe several times. the first time i it happened i went to mash the brake hard to avoid hitting a skunk (all my windows were down...) i accidentaly hit the gas with my foot. i had the clutch in, so it ended up hitting the rev limiter probably 3 times. then today as i was merging onto a highway the BMW in front of me decided tp pull out hard then stop, forcing me to gun the engine to avoid the F-250 who'd just entered my lane doing 60. i didn't shift fast enough, being more worried about oncoming traffic, and again hit the rev limiter.

basically, how much damage have i likely done to my engine? how much have i taken off of it's life span? i know honda engines are tough, but exactly how tough are they?
Old 09-22-2007, 10:02 AM
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Default RE: should i be worried?

welcome to my life, i hit the rev limiter all the time(or close to it, 7800-7900 rpms)... i drive hard on the car, you should be fine, tho. just dont miss gears and what not. not good for it, but if it happens it happens. if you engine isnt blown, your good to go. something like that happened to me on the highway when i first got the car, i was in 4th had it high rpms and hit 3rd by mistake (instead of 5th) cuz i wasnt used to the shifter, or a civic. ( i have a mustang with hurst short throw as well). i thought the engine was blown, but i put it backin fourth once i slowed down some, and it was all good. probably gonna need a clutch soon tho cuz i burn the you know wut outta mine. i am used to 560rwhp and driving a little over 200 to the wheels is definitly hard for me to take it easiy. car sounds good with all mods so far, looking to get turbo, nitirous, and a rediculous tune to be able to take out my stang.
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Default RE: should i be worried?

oh believe me, i had quite an adjustment to make when i got my civic as well. in fact, i still miss the torque the pickup had. (i dont miss the gas bill though...)

why i ended up hitting the rev limiter isn't me trying to get max power out of the engine, as i can shift well, and when i do want to shift at redline, i can. it's more a factor of my large feet being crammed in there or me changing my attention from shifting to traffic.
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Default RE: should i be worried?

The rev limiter is there for a reason. It's not a TERRIBLE thing. But its not a great thing either.
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Default RE: should i be worried?

ive hit the rev limiter quite a few times in my 15 year oldB16A2 civic @ 8500rpm on acceleration. It should be fine, afterall its there placed at a safe rpm level. What you should avoid is incorrectly shifting down to the point where you smash the rev limit. This is bad because the car's management cant cut the fuel off at the correct point, the engine is in effect being driven by the wheels and hence to rpms well beyond specification. Many vtec B'sand K's have died in this fashion.
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