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Intake FAQ

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Default Intake FAQ

Intake FAQ

Q: What intake should I get?
A: This is a very broad question. The answer to this really depends on a variety of things, including the money you’re willing to spend, the amount of power that you ultimately want, the climate around your location, and more.

Q: What is the best intake?
A: The best intake, from popular consensus seems to be the AEM v2. The AEM v2 is not a CAI but more of a SRI (at least it seems to be this way for newer vehicles [including the 7th gen civics] ). It is unquestionably that the v2 is pricy, but for the most power (proven by dynos) this is the way to go in terms of intake.

Q: If I get an intake, will it make my car more susceptible to hydrolock?

A: Technically, yes. However, unless you submerge your car to the point where the filter is constantly in contact with water, you’re not likely to mess up your car. I have experienced a flood before and my car has been in water that was 2ft deep. A WHOLE lot of water splashed onto my SRI but there was no damage.

Q: Should I get a short ram intake (SRI) or a cold air intake (CAI)?
A: Here’s the breakdown:
+ Easier to install; no need to take off bumper
+ Less chance of hydrolock
+ Adds a more aggressive sound
+ Slightly better throttle response compared to CAI
+ Usually cheaper than CAI
+ Looks cooler than CAI because you have a huge cone filter in your engine bay
- Warmer Air than CAI
+ Colder air; although it warms up a little as it goes up the tube
+ Adds a more aggressive sound
- More chance of hydrolock than SRI
- Throttle response is not a noticeable as a SRI (still there though)
- Need to remove bumper to install (this only applies to some cars)

Q: How much HP will I expect to gain from an intake?

A: From an intake alone, expect 2-4HP depending on the brand/type. AEM and other sites give dyno's that show 10 or so HP increase, but this is simply too good to be true: they most likely have OTHER mods installed when they did this dyno, thus skewing the results dramatically.

Q: How long does an intake take to install?
A: My first mod in my life was an intake. It was my first time ever working with a car but with instructions, it only took me an hour. The hardest part is getting off the factory air box; some bolts are difficult to get to without a torque wrench extension.

Q: Should I get a bypass valve?

A: A bypass valve is a device that attaches to a SRI or a CAI – its purpose is to prevent a car from hydrolocking. By installing it however, one restricts airflow, and the HP gained from the intake will most likely be cancelled out by the BPV.

Q: Will my gas mileage increase with an intake?
A: Yes. If you have it installed long enough, you’ll notice an increase of maybe 1 MPG.

Thanks Misha

Q: Does an intake void my factory warranty?

A: If you install your intake incorrectly and you take it into the dealer, any components damaged directly because of your intake will be your fault, thus you WILL be responsible for the charges incurred. If your power windows are broken and they deny you warranty service, direct them to the Magnum Moss Law – this is illegal and this document will save you.

Q: Will I be okay with an eBay intake (generic/no-name brand)?
A: An eBay intake will not net you as much HP as another intake that has been created by a reputable company such as AEM or Injen. Big companies do extensive R&D (research and development) and as a result, their products are higher quality, they produce more power, and they fit perfectly. Ebay tubes sometimes aren't the ideal diameter wide (thus cutting power production) or are bent incorrectly, also cutting power. The only downside to buying from big companies is that their intakes usually run $200-$250 more than a no-name. If you still choose to get an eBay intake, here are a few tips: buy from a reputable seller; buy a quality filter to go with the tube; make sure it fits your specific vehicle.

Q: What quality filter’s can I use with my eBay tube?
A: The best ones to use are the AEM Dry-flow and the K&N filter. For my 05 LX civic, a K&N runs for about $40 w/shipping (http://www.autoanything.com/).

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Wikipedia, Howstuffworks, and the links at the bottom all are great sources for more information about air intakes. The forums, as you might guess, are also excellent sources.

AEM: http://www.aempower.com/
Injen: http://www.injen.com/
K&N: http://www.knfilters.com/
Password JDM: http://www.passwordjdm.com/ (carbon fiber intakes sold here)

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