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How do I know if my clutch is going?

Old 06-19-2006, 12:49 PM
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Default How do I know if my clutch is going?

Sorry guys if this is a stoopid question. Just want to know how I can tell if my clutch needs to be replaced. And what is the best way to make it last longer? And will downshifting wear down the clutch faster? Or should I just put it in neutral and then brake? I am talking about if I see a car in front of me and I know that there is no use for me to stay in gear because I need to come to a complete stop.

Since I'm on here already. There is also something that I have noticed in my car. Sometimes when I brake with the car left in 2nd gear going around 25 - 30 mph, it seems to shake a little. The shaking feels like the engine is moving back and forth or something. It's not a major shake but definitely not smooth. And it does not happen all the time.

Thanks again guys for all your help!
Old 06-19-2006, 01:13 PM
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Default RE: How do I know if my clutch is going?

sometimes it will slip, sometimes even when you depress it all the way it still wont fully disengage, it will grind even under flawless shifting, stuff like that.

best advice i can give you is dont shift at over 4 or 5k for street driving.

cant really help you on the brakes tho. could be warped rotors or pads but the fact that its in 2nd gear and only between 25 and 30 makes me question that.
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Default RE: How do I know if my clutch is going?

the best way is under acceleration, probably 3rd gear good. in third get the car going to where you feel good power and punch it, usually when the motor really starts to pull you'll feel it slipping and probably you'll see a jump in the rpm's. as far as wear, anytime you engage the clutch it wears so whatever way you can find to not engage it as much it'll last longer (probably impossible, becuase how much can you really not use it). also make sure it's always adjusted, but i gather you probably have a hydraulic clutch , so just make sure the fluid is good.

IF the problem is your brakes get the car moving pretty good then put it in neutral and let it coast (the engine for the most part will be out of equation) then hit the brakes. if no jiggle, not breaks if it shakes possibly warped rotors.
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Default RE: How do I know if my clutch is going?

clutch slipping almost always starts in 5th gear so when you are cruising up to 55mph put it into fith and punch the gas if its going out the engine will wind up but the car wont be going any faster and then it will slowly grab, that is how you know if you have a bad clutch
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Default RE: How do I know if my clutch is going?

Dont ride your clutch when coming to stop lights and going around sharp turns Shift it into neutral and let it roll. trust me this will make it last alot longer also dont rev it above 4 or 5k for just driving down the road.
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