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what to swap and boost?

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Default what to swap and boost?

Ok, I want to do an engine swap in the near future and I have not decided which to do yet. I have a 95 si hb. I really would like to boost whatever I get. I what would be the best way to go thats not insanley expensive and would be a strong and dependable engine? I was thinking b16a2, but I heard they can blow easy if you boost em? Or how about a b18 (ls) and boost that?
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Default RE: what to swap and boost?

the b16a2 is one of the best engines honda makes in the way of boosting. its about 10.4:1 compression (ideal for boosting if done right) and has a redline at 8,200. the b18 has a higher compression ratio and around the same redline (200 less) but can net up to 230 hp when boosted correctly. a great idea (if you have the money) is to get a b18 and put a b16 head on it (to lower compression) and boost that.

another option you could look into is try to get your hands on a working b18c (found in the 97-00 ITR). it will easily tear up the quarter in less than 15 seconds (naturally aspirated). its a larger engine than the b16b (yeah...not a) a little lower compression and the same redline (8000). great for boosting too...but theyre hard as hell to find and youll be payin out the *** for one.

do some more research because im posotive i didnt hit everything...and make your decision
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Default RE: what to swap and boost?

whoa whoa whoa.

b16a2- jdm is 10.4, but usdm is 10.2.
b18c(1)-10.0(US) 10.6(JDM)
b18c(5)-10.6(US) 11.0(JDM)

so if you just want a quick car with a turbo, an ls is a good way to go. its cheaper and (if youre careful) safer than a higher compression motor. the problem is, that until the turbo gets spooled, youre basically running all-motor with a REALLY restrictive header. so having a lower compression motor with a turbo means that low-end response wont be very good. although, since the B16 has such a small displacement, and a high redline, turbo sizing is tricky. too big, and it wont spool fast because theres no low-end power. too small, and it cant feed the hyperkinetic 8200rpm cfm requirements, so you lose a lot on the top end. the best is probably a b18c(us spec) with a type r head, and a stock b16 or gsr intake cam. it will bring the CR down to 9.7:1. kind of low, but it still has enough displacement to allow for a slightly larger turbo to feed the top-end power. and at that slightly low CR, you can run a fair amount of boost.

that said, as long as its done right, any of these will be a blast to drive, and you wont really be disappointed. Have Fun!
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