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Hobo's 2000 LX daily driver

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Default Hobo's 2000 LX daily driver

Thread final redirection? 3/19/2011

Rebuilding an engine to stock specs, staying D series. This car is gonna be my clean daily driver and grocery getter. As things get better at work, I will possibly be able to get a project car.That one will be B series.


Thread re-re-re-re-redirection 7/20/2010

I don't know anymore. Projects require money. I don't have a lot of that to spare. We'l see what happens next.


Thread redirection 2/26/2010

No more 4 door Si concept. I'm gonna be doing a mild boost on a D16y7. Vtec is overrated on single cams. I'm gonna prove that a non-vtec build is just as fun. This is gonna be a hella slow build. There's gonna be a separate engine built outside of the car. It'll take years because I'm poor. My goal is to hit around 180 whp. It's a street car, not a race car. But it'll be a boosted 4 door.

Thread redirection 3/17/09:

I've decided on a new direction for the car. My evil plan now is to focus my efforts on converting the car to basically a 4 door Civic Si. This means I'll be putting in rear disc brakes, an Si cluster, a b16a2 engine, and a few other things that make a Civic Si a Civic Si. There are some things that just aren't really possible, like adding the moon roof, so that's why I'm calling this the "Bastard Civic Si" project. This will be a slow process but I hope I'll learn a lot.

Original thread from 12/2007
I just wanted to show you guys what little I have done so far to the Civic. Some of this brief chronicle will overlap into audio/visual, but I wanted to keep it all together instead of doing two threads. Sorry if this angers the HCF deity, or whatever. The best stuff is exterior anyways, even though it was done on a budget of ... well, nothing. Basically, I'm poor. I'm extremely limited to what I can do at this point in my life. (senior in college, no money, still walk everywhere I can, even with a Civic).

[pics moved to next post a few down]

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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

Next you should paint your mirrors to match the gold... shouldn't be much, cost me 50 bucks to do it.
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

Nice man, its coming along
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

Very nice, I like the box built into the trunk. Good luck for the future.
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

Not bad, love the color. Love your choice of tails too, looks nice, definately needs some wheels and a drop, I'd search craigslist if you're on a budget.
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Default RE: Itinerant's progress thread

What I have is a 2000 Civic LX sedan (obviously).
Name:  DSC04862a.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  65.9 KB

Name:  DSC04861a.jpg
Views: 238
Size:  143.8 KB

This is as it was shortly after the rebuild of the front end. When I first saw it, the car had been totalled from the front end. It got a new front cap, except for the passenger side fender, which is made mostly of bondo. You can't tell unless you tap your fingers against it. It also got a core support, radiator, condensor, etc. So, as it stood here, bone stock.

I started by adding the hodge podge of speakers I have collected. I put in some Kenwood 6.5s for the doors, dome tweeters, Pioneer 6x9s for the back, an Alpine head unit, 500 watt Jensen amp, and... (you might find this strange for my setup, but...) I added four Crossfire CF310d subs to the trunk. I have received a lot of flak for my system, because each sub gets a whopping 75ish watts RMS. I have 4 low powered subs, but together they provide excellent, even bass. That's what I'm about with music: balance. I'm not out to win any competitions, but what I have is balanced. It's a small trunk, so it sounds much stronger than it actually is. (I still have a 4 channel, 600 watt amp to put in somewhere later anyways.)

I built a box to fit the trunk. I started with just two subs:

I found two more of the same sub, so I added them too. Oh yeah, 3rd brake light. I did that too.
Name:  4subs.jpg
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Size:  54.3 KB

After that, I found a cheap, real OEM spoiler. It was a great deal, so I couldn't pass it up. Before:
Name:  DSC05274a.jpg
Views: 235
Size:  89.9 KB

Name:  DSC05280a.jpg
Views: 238
Size:  108.6 KB

I have always liked the clear/red style tails, so I replaced my OEMs with those style. Before:
Name:  oldtails.jpg
Views: 229
Size:  41.8 KB

Name:  newtails.jpg
Views: 235
Size:  43.3 KB

A couple of those sub pics were mildly photoshopped where the carpet wasn't sitting right. Sorry. I fixed it for real a couple of months ago.

What I want to do soon is debadge the car, at least with the Civic and LX logos. I want to repaint the sideskirts because they are fading for some reason. I'd like to repaint the grille the same gold as the body, or at least change to a different style. I had planned to add a type R front and rear lip kit, but never got around to it (read: was broke). Someday, I will have some 17s instead of fake chrome hubcaps. Someday, it'll get dropped. Someday, I will paint the side mirrors to match the body too. I'm going for that really clean look, nothing ricey or showy. Just clean.

Sigh. So many dreams, so little cash.

[post that was originally here]
haha, CL is great, but the CL for Little Rock is terrible. No one posts good things there. Some of it is obviously stolen. I did see someone selling a D16z6 that I really wanted, but he was asking too much. And the personal ads? Nothing but spam. No real women. A damn shame!

But seriously, we have a bunch of rednecks who like to put big mud tires on anything and jack it up 4 feet. I wish I had a picture of the CRX with mud tires and a lift, parked in the WalMart parking lot. Those kinds make the rest of us look bad, especially when they do the poor-man's-flowmaster mod (read: cut off the exhaust at the cat for extra loudness).

But yeah, I already have to get the hood repainted because there is a heart-shaped chunk of clearcoat missing. A rock hit me in such a way that it didn't dent the hood, and only took the clearcoat layer off. Well, there are two dots of missing gold. This is just about actual size on a 1024x768 screen.

Name:  chip.jpg
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Size:  24.5 KB

They quoted me $300 something to get that little thing fixed. I suppose I could have them add around $50 to it, if it ends up being that cheap.

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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

Looks good. I don't know about the wing though. Thats just something else to raddle when you base hits.I like the tails too. When you first glance at it, looks like an Accord
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

how did you get the "civic" on the third brake light? looks cool. other than that at least your doing some tasteful stuff for no budget. keep it up!
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far

how do those subs sound?
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Default RE: Photo post of where I am so far


how did you get the "civic" on the third brake light?
You can buy a vinyl insert online for $15 plus shipping, or you can google image search Civic Logo, find the logo in a decent size, work with it in photoshop, make it black and white, resize it just right, print it, and put it into the 3rd brake light. You have to pull the rear deck, pull the light assembly off, take the red lens out, cut the logo to fit, and put it all back together.

(Told you I worked on a budget.)

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